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Thrystan Tate Aug 2019
Bands a make her dance.  
A dollar will make her holler.
So she must be worth a pretty penny,
to flip open your wallet just to call her.
"Hey baby, how much for a dance? Oh slow motion, yeah I like it like that."
Her stripper name must be Visa for her rewards and her cashback.
She can flap her wings to get your mind on track,
of you spending your money all Welly-Nelly,
and swiping your card down the crack.
She's got you running to the private room like she's running game.
If you fall in love with these strippers that's a tale of Two-Pains.
How could a dime be worth a stack and arouse your spending range?
I mean her game so tight she has your whole money roll entertained.
And all she has to do is something strange for you to come out your pocket change.
By: Thrystan Tate
Thrystan Tate Aug 2019
Separated like the freezer and fridge.
Cold shoulders has led us to our own ridge.
I should've checked the nutritional facts to prevent this from happening.
Because to be labeled "Great Value" with a bunch of fillers is baffling.
I brought spices to the table.  You brought your frozen cell-of-steam.
But after frostbite, you scream, I scream, "Who made this ice cream?"
It's like Blue Bell knew chocolate and artificial flavor would collide.
Because if our love was like ice cream it would be called the "Great Divide."
Good thing its not sweet.  I'm seasoned well without your freezer zone.
Although I'm organic and raw, I still live on.
The Chill is Gone.
By:  Thrystan Tate
Thrystan Tate Aug 2019
Face your fears.  Face your tears.  Face your future.  Face your years.
Face your heart aches.  Face your pain.  Face the trauma you've faced again.
Facebook.  FaceTime. Face-to-Face.  Oh the places you will go when you satisfy a face.
If only I could be in the field with Rumi, with my soul in the grass.
I'll be there very soon.  I just removed my face-mask.
By:  Thrystan Tate
Thrystan Tate Aug 2019
We've been together for a flammin' hot minute and its been all that in a bag of chips.
Except you want a two-for-one special and I'm craving to see other dips.
I get it, having a full meal is ideal and a snack satisfies temporary hunger.
But you're putting your foot in a bowl of nachos and I have the munchies to use my Free Toes and slumber.
After my expiration date, you came into my life and preserved the flavor of love.
That's cool beans if I wasn't salty and letting it mingle.
But you want to exchange onion rings.
I just want to be Single like a Pringle.
By:  Thrystan Tate
Thrystan Tate Aug 2019
Along a path of life, there were two bears in the forest.
Their love was like honey until Goldilocks stole their porridge.
Devastation hit One bear hard like, "Right before hibernation!"
Not knowing Two bear had more substance for them not to suffer from starvation.
But One bear lost hope.  He climbed to the edge of the cliff, jumped off, and then died out.
His lover could only see a life of solitude and then cried out,
"If only he knew it was enough to live and share."
But now love was left with hurt and despair because life can be too much to bear.
By:  Thrystan Tate

— The End —