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Dakota 7d
Most of us can remember our childhood.
Close our eyes and see our past.
Afraid it will slip away,
afraid we will forget.
Forget it all and we don't come from anywhere.
Everyone asks my fears and I always say the dark.
The dark isn't true.
My fears isn't the dark,
it's what's in it
Dakota Jun 14
One day one way,
Next day I'm someone else and the old me is gone.
Like clockwork when I wake up I am someone else.
Some say it isn't me,
I say I am never me anyway.
As time passes I know less and less about me,
While I am getting lost in myself I know more and more ways to lose myself.
Unknowingly I miss myself the way I was.
Before I lost my own way through the back of my hands,
My working hands that never stay the same.
Damaging my hands and changing them for little hope to live in this world.
Never the same, never and forever.
Dakota May 27
Summer night,
The feeling’s right.
All through to daylight.

The morning’s plain.
All to noon,
When that scent comes back.

The smell of summer’s morning dew.
The smell of bacon.
The smell of Saturdays with mom.

Dad kisses goodbye,
Mom says hi.
And that sweet smell of summer’s morning dew.

All this time,
Spent with you.
And that smell of summer’s morning dew.
Dakota May 27
The lakeside cabin was as old as history.
The lake itself was ancient.
The cabin was in our family for years.
None of us knows who built it,
all we know is we always have fun there.
Playing in the lake all day,
staying up late telling ghost stories around a campfire.
Many years ago I went back.
I couldn't find it.
Recently I went with my family and it was back.
Maybe it wasn't where I thought it was at first.
Maybe it was never there.
All I know is we had fun.
That's all that mattered,
We had fun.
Dakota May 27
I am just a boy living in an unrealistic world.
Unrealistic yet the most real thing I could think of,
Full of words that are pictures and pictures are words.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
all you need to paint a picture is three.
This is the world I live in,
full of expectations verses reality.
Where the reality is the expectations and the expectations is not reality.
For in this Earth wealth is more and less than status.
Wealth is a gateway to education at it's finest,
while the rest of us learn book to book.
We all live paycheck to paycheck.
Whether we want to admit it we know it's true.
We all live with fears,
but those fears just might come true.
Dakota May 26
There once was a girl I fell in love. I thought that our love was enough. But low and behold she left me dry and fled into the sky. Hair of silver and wings of gold, at least that is how I'm told. She flew into the sky so bold, even seven fold. We could have been together even now four years later. still no later did I truly fall, did she start to leave my hall. Into the blinding light of day that how she flew away. Hair of silver wings of gold, at least that is how I'm told. She flew into the sky so bold, even seven fold. Her beauty is still untold, diamond eyes and nothing sold. Into the dark of night the moon interrupted her flight with hair of silver and wings of gold, at least that is what I'm told. She flew into the sky so bold, even seven fold. Onward and upward she did go even the clouds did so. In a trail like a bridge, the clouds formed into a ridge. And blocked her path up above they tried. And blocked her path they did. Back down to earth she fell, right into my arms. Oh how I wish to have a girl like that again. Like an fallen angel lost on her way to heaven.
Dakota May 26
There she stands in all her beauty. Alone, all in her own world. Standing, towering, just out of reach. Everybody knows her. I... I am invisible, nothing compared to her. Still she is my drive either way. My motivation, my push. She is my freedom. She is everything. Her beauty is unmatched in all the land. Nothing has, never will. I am nothing, There she stands in all her beauty, alone.
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