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I remember you cuddling me in sleep, close to your chest.

I couldn't breathe for your arms arrest me so tight.

I imagined thousands of nights with you

Something went wrong then, and it left us in each corner of bed.

There was no laughter, no fights, no togetherness.

Every night i wished that you turn and see me, drag me close, make love.

But there was only Silence.

-Queeny 👑
Mercy Jun 23
Change is inevitable
A common statement
I concur with.
Going back to first
Love highly recommended.
Prayer doesn't change things
But changes you to change things.
Rollercoaster mood has me confused on which turn to take
Mercy Jun 17
The many times
You stubbed my
Trust and thrusted it
In a drift
I promised to remain
But now only is when
The back stops with me
Before i turn to be a monster
Lemme walk away
I love too much
Mercy Jun 13
Am afraid to look at the mirror
And claim "I LOVE YOU"
Coz i'd only be lying to
Love is a complicated science that my medulla can't even process
Satvik gupta Jun 13
We all are characters in this book called life
Mercy Jun 12
I try to conjure up
Memories and keep up with days
Moments i failed to be supportive
Tend to your greatness
Nor accommodate your hard work
My pride ripped up open
To disappointments of my absenteeism.
So when you listen to my playlist
And note ghost and dullness
Its me punishing my blindness
And dumbness which eventually
Broke you in alternates
The sorrow you see tattooed in me
Equated my over bearing pain lostness
When you passed out after getting wet
Under the romantic kisses
In heavy rains to late replies of
"Hi babe sorry got home safe and sound
Just from a power nap*"
The piano your safe space where
I only read confidence and magic
Now a bank of heaviness released
In tunes of sad melodies
Shadow of your wings.
Over time i should have healed hence moved
But am human enough to punish my
Desires to contemplate on what was amiss
Like a federal case lawyer
I will chase down the trail of this case
Till all the burgeoning yet pending
Fawls get behind bars.
Enough damage has been caused
Now we face the recompanse of our actions.
Am sorry babe.
The scales in my eyes
Now shaded i see everything clearly.
If not today tomorrow or ever
I ask you to follow the path of virtue and heart coz it was never wrong.
I have only one life left to get you let grace speak for me.
Satvik gupta Jun 11
Break up is the price you pay for relationships !
Dreamer May 30
Before joining hello poetry
I was a very simple person
Who use to smile all day
from a single compliment

At first I use to write for improving myself
Not caring about others concern
But all of sudden I got a heart
And this is where poison of addiction
Came into force slowly through my veins
And then taking control over my heart and brain

And now i write for getting hearts
While keeping my mind for others
Now I want to catch all the heart's
On my every poetry

As if other addiction weren't enough i got another addiction called
It's true (i guess most people feel this way)
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