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acacia Aug 8
It sharply cuts diamonds into small atmosphere; you glissade into
unconscious waves of blue that ebb and flow into a small creek near me, provocatively sliding from my matter (Higher Self) into my Lower Self (*******)
As she walks with her voice over vernal springs, she lifts bubbles capsulating butterflies into contoured skies, controlled by her waves and frequencies: though, I don't think she knows
So diminutive of a mouth yet the biggest passion-scales fly into the air breaking through chains and links in unseeable rolling tides
But the Sun will come again, perhaps, in the near future, and the grass will grow again, perhaps, in the near future
She is the new Goddess of me, she is the New Goddess of The Future: she comes to me in dreams, my New Goddess of The Future; and she comes to me again, my New Goddess of The Future
the name Halle was inspired from a singer

— The End —