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She Writes Apr 2018
She will go out tonight
With hair higher than her standards
And heels higher than her self esteem
Looking for love
In all the wrong places
DancingEnt Apr 2018
He's the one
That kisses my fingers
From base to tip
As if nothing so fine has ever met his lips
He's the one
That holds me at night
While he snores in my ear
And it's the sweetest thing I'll ever hear
He's the one
That stays up late
Talking about his dreams
And it's enough to make me burst at the seams
He's the one
I'll spend every day with
And still find myself missing
All his loving and his kissing
He's the one
I'm going to marry
And we'll spend the rest of our lives
And falling in love all over
He's the One
Future Mrs. Something.
mikumiku Mar 2018
Just because you have a *****
Doesn’t mean you are a man
There’s a chance you worship Venus
And you just don’t give a ****
You’re a six-pack in Adidas
Or two ******* in high heels
We ignore the hate they feed us
Only counts is what you feels
Lady K Milla Feb 2018
Who is that woman with the striking pose
I cannot stop photographing her with my eyes
Who is that woman with the dainty dress
And those towering legs
I must move on from this curious guess

But really,

Who is that woman wearing those long scarlet heels
Making my steadiness a torture, my whole mind an ordeal
Unknowingly she pulls me towards her embrace
From a pause to my heartbeat, it now starts to race
Who is this woman
I must interfere
I can't leave without knowing
In this love's atmosphere
wash your feet

what is this to me
what is your love to me
that we wish
for your
answer me
tell me he does does he

let me
Seema Jan 2018
In my shoes
I walk alone
Laces loose
I step on stones

Wicked days
Time is short
Unpredictable ways
I hope its not

With heavy heart
Days look grey
Breaking in parts
I kneel to pray

A happy feel
I smile today
Walking on heels
I waited for this day

Sara Kellie Dec 2017
Time to leave these ******* behind
and delete them all from my mind.
All had gone except for one.
He was the worst for hanging on.
He should have been just like the rest,
who didn't like how I was dressed.
Not to mention my high heeled shoes,
well I don't care, It's them who lose.
I'll need to find a brand new friend,
not like these who all pretend.
One who'd say "I don't care, do what you do.
I'll put the kettle on, you fancy a brew?"
Once again I've written a poem when angry. I don't know why I do that. Still, It's one that says what's on my mind.
Written around 2011 ish
Click clack
Heels down long pavements
Mean business.
A bystander excuses himself
From my way.
Take a seat and
Squickety squeak
Leather up legs
Crossing on
Leather up legs.
I'm endlessly amused
Biting my lip,
Silently cajoling,
"Oh, is this your thing?"
10/26 Inktober prompt: Squeak
No edits allowed.
Brianna Jun 2017
Have you ever felt that unbelievable rush, the amazing excitement, the terrible fear of the unknown?
Have you ever felt that cotton mouth, palms sweaty, knees weak and heart heavy feeling?

I was in love.
With your green rolling hills and bright tree tops in the autumn air.
With your bright stars out there in the middle of grassy fields so wide and open.
With the memories laid out there on the pavement leading me back to your parents house.
With skyscrapers and cute shops running the lines of Charlotte.

I was in love.
With bright green eyes and sandy blonde hair turning darker each year.
With strong but soft hands that used to hold me in the night when i was crying and afraid to leave because I always knew.
With rain drops on windows and lakes between two states that held the best of you and I.

I was in love.
With an idea of you.
With the memories of you that were no longer real.
With dreams of you I had made up in my head.
With feelings that linger a little too long for comfort.

Have you ever felt the nerves bubbling in your stomach when you see someone you hadn't see in a long time?
Have you ever felt that simple joy and feeling of complete and total content when you hear it for the first time out loud?

I was in love.
With someone who didn't love me anymore.
Mia del Rosario May 2017
You give me butterflies
but not the gentle ones.
The ones that cluster in skies,
the ones that chase suns.

Your laugh is music to my hears
but not the soft ones.
The ones that bring tears
after so many puns.

You make me smile
but not the ones you see everyday.
It's the one that goes on for miles
that I bit my lip before I say,

"Really now?" You made me blush,
not pink, but red.
Maybe this is just a crush
but you "maybe" had me dead.
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