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Lady K Milla Sep 2020
The red rose withers, its green stems fade, but the power of its love lives on forever.
Lady K Milla Sep 2020
A warm bath, I wash away my day in the ****
A cold rain, I find the weather in sync with my mood
A half moon, unable to bright up the night
A bathroom, burning candles, fills the room with moonlight.
Lady K Milla Sep 2020
What beauty to find in a bouquet of flowers that are arranged in all colors, shapes, and sizes and do not compete with one another but rather endlessly compliment each other.
Lady K Milla Sep 2020
Oh glorious Sun,
how you shine on me so bright
You rise up every morning touching smiles with your light.
Frustrated you must be
To shine on me with such glee
Yet my eyes hit the ground
My smile rolls upside down
Oh Sun, stop wasting your good rays
Shining your happiness on my bad days
Lady K Milla Sep 2020
It does not matter what I say
Or even what I think
My body will always betray me
My palms will always get sweaty
My breathe will always get heavy
And you’ll only know of this truth
Not by the questions you ask
Or by the answers you seek
But by the silent step you take forward
to hold me.
Lady K Milla Sep 2020
Love has never been gentle with me
In truth, love will never be
Love has shown its frail with me
In truth, that I can agree
Love has come and gone
In truth, it strings along
And Love has not yet said,
With this ring, I do thee wed
Lady K Milla Sep 2020
I do not want the flowers I can easily pick from the open garden. Show me the ones that grow happily under the shrubs, hidden from plain sight and demand no attention. For those are the ones that aren’t as needy for the spotlight in the sun or as selfish to drink every drop of rain. Show me the ones that don’t look as thirsty as the rest.
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