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Lady K Milla Feb 2019
I take a sip of my coffee, 3 creamers, no sugar. I tend to leave room for the sweetness of my morning. I look up and lock eyes with someone gorgeous with glazed eyes and all they do is smile as they look at me like a donut for a while.
Lady K Milla Feb 2018
We move on so carelessly with an unsaid goodbye
We tickle our cheeks with tears we would never admit we cried
We even hold it into the brim until our eyes become red and swollen
And we let our voice tremble, our chins even shake and give in
Yet the months pass and become years so fast
And we bathe in hot tears for all the cold years
And we live on with our days accustomed to these ways
But just know that I would have rather choked on a said goodbye
Than to have lived all my days with a silent cry
Lady K Milla Feb 2018
Black coffee, clay mugs
Old sweaters, whiskey jugs
Aged wine, rusty fence
Copper pennies, nickel cents
Careworn shirts, timeworn sneakers
Fragrant wood, evergreen cedars
Dusty trails, decayed logs
Chirping grasshoppers, croaking frogs
Heavy rainfalls, splashing rocks
Whizzing insects, scattered flocks
Herb of grace, steady pace
Welcome to my happy place.
Lady K Milla Feb 2018
Who is that woman with the striking pose
I cannot stop photographing her with my eyes
Who is that woman with the dainty dress
And those towering legs
I must move on from this curious guess

But really,

Who is that woman wearing those long scarlet heels
Making my steadiness a torture, my whole mind an ordeal
Unknowingly she pulls me towards her embrace
From a pause to my heartbeat, it now starts to race
Who is this woman
I must interfere
I can't leave without knowing
In this love's atmosphere
Lady K Milla Nov 2017
She drove on that rainy day in a blank stare, bracing onto the wheel with both hands tightly gripped and she wanted to scream on the top of her lungs as every horrid assumption of deceit and embarrassment suddenly appeared written on all the pages of her love chapter. As the suspenseful orchestration of rain fell like the sound of marbles running down her car window, the universe thundered with it's great power and presence as in to let her know that it wasn't the end of her love story at all; it was only the plot twist.
Lady K Milla Oct 2017
Oh woman with your
nurturing ways
Oh plentiful love you give thee
Oh woman who bares
the world in her
Grows thy earth like a seed
Through agonizing pain, you bared to give birth to me
Oh woman who has given me life
The purpose I owe to nurture my own character in your compliment
I shall carry your image, your faith in me, your worryful comments when I embrace the world alone
I shall carry your strength, your patience with thee from the years of nurturing the woman I've now become to be
Oh woman wherever you are that is where I call home
Oh the abundance of love that was giveth upon my body that grew as just a speck of sand in your womb.
Lady K Milla Oct 2017
One day, I want to be so in love that the angels themselves would envy the love I’ve found without them.
A love in which Cupid would supply them with the bow and arrows to prepare them for the war of my unrighteousness.
One day, I’ll be so in love that the music will hum in harmony with the giving earth and not the envious skies.
On that day the heavens will think they’ve lost control and my feet will be so planted to the ground that my roots will begin to dig deeper into the earths porous surface penetrating into its crust and I will no longer have to beg the skies for an angel.
One day the love of my life will walk towards me among the earths ground and they will come to me with two bare feet, body sculpted into perfection and their appearance will be that of a
Saint in a luminous glow, without any wings,
not even a halo to show.
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