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Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
Sometimes I think you are a fairy.
Everytime you appear everything gets better.
It's always unexpected.
Not that I don't expect you to show your pretty face.
It's how you appear.
Seeing you whole.
Though curious to where you hide your wings.
No matter how many times I mix my words up
You know just what I am saying.
Reaching into your bag, sprinkling your dust as you please.
My mouth covered a thousand times over, your essence.

Your words fly right out of your mouth.
And like that I am in awe.
One feeling at a time.
It's funny, how beautiful you are.
The way you sprinkle your pixie dust.
You know just how to pick me up.
The twitch of your nose.
The dimple that forms in your cheek.
The world a distant place.
This moment spent ensuring our distance.
The rest of me in your bag.
I acknowledge how special you are.
I'd never place you in a jar or any form of glass.
I'd never misuse any part of you.
My heart being the concrete that cushions the way you walk.
Your lips the fascination of the sun.
The bigger problem is how you always seem to find me when I am at my lowest.
And how I can never catch you off guard.
Your whisper in my ear.

Sinking into your presence
Cari Hannaford Sep 2015
I am the captain of my soul
I am the master of my fate

With the twinkling stars, I set sail to my new life

Where the music hums carelessly
And the children play freely

Where parents aren't allowed and there is never a frown

There's never a glumy day because that's where darkness likes to hang

We're known around here as the children who like the roam
For adventure is our middle name

So come with me where your dreams are born and where darkness never plays

With the twinkling stars to guide our way, all the way to this place

This oh so wonderful place

To the place that is called...


— The End —