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Varsha K Dec 2020
From lovers,
We turned
Two strangers
With commitments
Varsha K Nov 2020

They look at you,
They don't see you
They laugh at you,
They don't laugh with you.

They check out your clothes,
They never check up on you.

It's a herd of million faces
Saying same words in different voices.
Varsha K Nov 2020
This morning was special
Woke up with the taste of your lips,
And a smile that wouldnt wear off

Thanks for visiting from so far
Meeting me where I waited all along-
My dream- away from reality but close to the heart
The reason why I am sleeping so much these days.
Varsha K Sep 2020
Humans showed me sympathy
But dogs taught me empathy
Humans said, "You give me depression!"
My dog said, "Leave it & scratch me in slow motion!"
Remembering the good times and things that my baby taught me!
Varsha K Sep 2020
How do/did you cope up with loss?
Varsha K Sep 2020
For me
LOVE is truly a four-letter word
For me
It synonyms for ELMO
For me
He was more than a dog
For me
He meant LIFE all along
I miss you Elmo.
I believe we will meet again. Till then, bless me with your kindness & golden heart.
Varsha K Sep 2020
Your name and your face
Are engraved in my soul
Why did you have to go
Didn't you know you were my home

You have left me homesick
For now and a lifetime to see
You were my best boy
Please come back for one last treat
My dearest pet dog, Elmo left me two days back.
He was my son and I feel somebody has robbed my motherhood.
How I wish to see him one last time, for one last hug and some time to see his face and give him all my pets and kisses.
I dont know how will I live without you. Can't remember how my life was before I met you Elmo.
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