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  Jan 11 Varsha K
If I were blessed enough
To have you in my arms
I would savor you
Like the finest wine
Explore you
Like treasured ruins
And trace your body
With fire at my fingertips
My own ritual of worship
To a living masterpiece
Varsha K Jan 11
'Good things in life are free'
Like laughing with family,
Wagging tail of your 8-year old baby,
Sitting by yourself with no company,
Sleeping for hours alone & independently.
Yes, I say,
Best things in life are really free.
Varsha K Jan 7
When your lips run dry
You will sight the mirage of me.
You are in the desert baby,
Sand is all you will see.
You thought leaving me was the easy way out?
Guess you played yourself.
  Dec 2019 Varsha K
Words are so messy
Wouldn’t you love your feelings to simply pour themselves
Into the hearts of others without any barrier
Your very own current
Of simply flowing emotion
Varsha K Dec 2019
Adapt to changes love.
Why being a frog amongst a bunch of chameleons?
Varsha K Dec 2019
Your love used to be like footprints on wet cement,
Marked forever.
Now it is like the footprints on sand,
Easily walked over, easily erased.
Varsha K Dec 2019
I saw two lovers separate,
Along with them, my heart ached.
Its so difficult, I cannot deal with it no more.
She seems happy with someone, but I can't forget she was happiest with the man before.
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