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Three months have passed and I hate to say I got used to you
Your touch
Your scent
Your quirky ways
A shadow of you stands by me now
Yet Im beside myself
Grieving the lose of warmth and comfort
Three months it will take again to rebuild the wall I broke down for you
So that no one else can make their way through
  Mar 25 Divine Santiago
Because of you I hurt another
Who could have been my first true lover
Kisses so soft
Lips like fresh roses
Fragrance, unforgettable
Uniquely Her
You spin me around

Hot, hot, hot!
Cold, cold, cold.
Its all so dark but I try to make everything bright
I never quite feel right

Pills, pills, pills,
These little dots make me feel
Take away my shakes

I never needed the help till you
Now Im stuck forever
Looking down an orange tube
Praying the days will be better

Wishing for someone who will love me better
I wish I was a number
So that I would be chosen
Take your pen and encircle me
Like I wish you would with your arms

Make me feel important
Like something that can't be missed
A day solely dedicated to me
Would truly be a dream

I wish I was a number
I wish I was a special date
Something you cant miss
So here I am
Crawling on my hands and feet
With all I have to offer,

Smiling on the outside
Screaming on the inside
And there
            wi­th all the things you want instead
Smile, I tell myself
    Just smile
And one day you'll jog up to them.
You arms were wide open for me
Stretched like the horizon before me

Now I can't even spot where I fit in
Seems like you're holding so much
That im now outside looking in
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