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Adi Jan 2017
There are many things that we all want to do
And there are just as many people pretending that they have this
Magic wand that they can wave and
Just like that
My problems will

I feel cheated
I think my entire generation should feel cheated
By the false prophets of the world.
Those people who promised to take away my worries
With a special pill
Or formula
Or if you just subscribe
We'll help you feel all better.

I grew up with technology burgeoning at my fingertips.
I learned that if I phrased my questions in just the right way
I could Google my way to greatness.
I grew up thinking there really were shortcuts to life.
That if I found the right course,
The right document,
The right video,
The right word
I could just make all my worries disappear.

Today I feel sadness
Because I realize that the road ahead of me
The one I thought was perfect for me
Is hard work
And I want to quit it.
I can't put in a hard day's work
And the problem is I don't know
How to fix that.
There's no secret guide,
No Buddhist meditation technique
No magic Brazillian pill
No short cut
To learning the power of hard work.
But I'm scared that I'll just learn how to avoid it
Adi Jan 2017
I dislike any question that begins with "How do you".
Not because the question is wrong
Nor is the questioner for trying to obtain the knowledge they do not currently have.
Instead, what I dislike is the idea that someone else has supreme knowledge on a subject.
"How do you tie a tie"
As if there's only one way.
"How do you make salsa"
Depends on how spicy you want it.
"How do you become happy"

You see everyone has their own answers to these questions.
Everyone thinks they are right because, to them, they are.
There are subjectively correct ways to do everything
But there's never an objective right or wrong.
Some ways might be more or less right
But never flat out right or wrong.
Because you see it's in the eye of the beholder.

However, my view of this isn't always shared.
Some people think that their way really is right
And that's a dangerous mentality to have.
Because when you tell me that my salsa is actually incorrect
Or my tie needs just another tug to make it your perfect
You ruin my own.
My things then become yours and suddenly we all slowly become
Less and less

I dislike the question "How do you"
Because when I ask how someone else does something,
I feel as if I lose a little bit of myself along the way.
Adi Oct 2016
As long as I'm awake
It's just a dream.
A bad dream that
I can wake up from.

As long as I'm awake
None of this happened
And I can wake up
In the world I once lived in.

If I sleep
It all becomes real.
Adi Oct 2016
If I lie down I give up
I accept the truth
As it has been laid out for me
The idea that my future is not my own.

If I lie down
The day is done
And I can no longer fight this.

If I lie down
It's over
It's all over.

But I'm so tired.
Adi Oct 2016
Today I am confused.
One of my closest friends
Fell for the girl I like.
I told him
Every time I felt anything.
Every time my heart hurt
Every time it burned.
And he?
Ignored me.
Played me.
Betrayed me.
And left me
Clutching a bottle
Where the ****
I went wrong.
Adi Sep 2016
Why am I so afraid of being vulnerable?
Of leaving my heart to bare
Because of the pain I may endure?
The love I may not get?
The ridicule?
The confusion?
The awkwardness?
The awkwardness...
The ******* awkwardness.
Or perhaps, it is maybe something else?
Maybe the fear that this moment
This perfect moment I hold here
Might be lost if I say
I like you.

But then again.
Maybe not.
“I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone’s heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.”
–Raymond Carver
Adi Nov 2015
It takes a lot for me to trust a person.
But not a lot for me to be loyal.
I'm always willing to hold a person's life in my hands,
But seldom will I let someone hold mine.
I'm always willing to listen to someone,
But seldom willing to talk.
I don't trust people often
And it's because I don't trust
My opinions,
My decisions,
My emotions,
"Know yourself,
Know your worth" - Drake
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