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May 2018
Sure, there are events
That mnemonically make sense,
But the entirety of that day, yes,
Slips as we take new steps
Toward the promised morning beyond our essence.
Trials become more, we grow to become less,
Something we need not confess,
For it cannot be concealed, even in our code of dress.
There are groans for the day to cease and those for the day to onward press,
How can this opinionized split be reconciled? Unless
Our own lives we assess
And remember those moments that still impress
Our minds and attitudes, this can we address.
When the day and our remembrance
Of it seem to fade in all hopelessness
Of retrieval, remember at least the happiness
That kissed you in distress,
That lifted you like incense.
A quintessence
Of what it’s like being on the fence
When time unleashes an offense
In weak defense
Against what we hold nevertheless
Not with hands, but with dense
Feelings, those with irreplaceable innocence.
If I have the time, why not rhyme lol?  Ever since my collegiate experience, I've been anxious about remembering each day, even just ordinary tasks because I'm afraid I will lose sight or thought of what I've done (not to be egotistical) and accomplished.  Though summarily even tasks are fleeting things, in order to remember the times I or anyone want to remember, it would only make sense to remember something at all, right?  Anyway, enjoy!
Brian McDonagh
Written by
Brian McDonagh  23/M/West Virginia
(23/M/West Virginia)   
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