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Andrew Harris Apr 2019
Caffeine. Nicotine.
Alcohol. Good friends to keep.
When life just gets hard
Getting through hard times, alcohol is drank at home though! Stay safe my friends
Jackie Mead May 2018
Winding down, getting ready for fun
Another day at work, almost done

Off soon for a vacation
A short visit to our second favourite nation
First stop Marseille
This is our first stay
Weve been told, a train ride to the top
Views of the Port, your breath will stop

Then further South, we will go
To a familiar place that works itself into your soul
Ramatuelle, St Tropez
One of our most favourite places to stay

From across the bay the Orange Dome is clear, signalling you are near
Luxury yachts in the bay, moored for a week or maybe just the day

The sun beats down on the water, which is glistening
St Tropez has a special sound, if your listening
It's a crazy sound of Mopeds and Smart cars, Moko Jeeps, ambulance noises, people playing on the beach
The noise is not deafening but is truly unique.

During our stay we will relax and unwind, good food, good wine, good sand, good sea
Just unwinding in the sun, me and my loved one
Good friends inviting us into their home, it simply is the best
I can't wait to get there and to truly rest
Not long now, mini road trip starts tomorrow, first stop Twickenham for the Rugby Finals and then a hop over on the Channel tunnel, night stop in Valence Sunday evening , Marseille for two nights and st tropez for 4 nights staying with friends who live there, cant wait over the years it has become home from home
Liz Carlson Oct 2017
As soon as I walked into the room,
I felt the beat in my heart.
The temperature rising,
the floor shaking.

I felt all the energy in the room,
it was incredible.
The lights burning oh so bright on our faces,
while we looked at each other with such excitement.

We danced 'til we dropped.
We sang 'til we couldn't.
We laughed 'til we cried.
We held on to each other so tight.
We were alive.

— The End —