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B P Aug 2015
There's good days
and bad days
one day the world is sunny
but the next on my shoulders

I can laugh and smile and enjoy the day
be with my friends and feel good
ignore my flaws
smile, not cry

but when I am alone
the sadness drowns me
the pain engulfs me
the mirror pains me
the tears escape me

There's good times
and bad times
I've felt sad for so long
but I can still smile
I hold on to that.
Cat Fiske May 2015
I wake each day,
not to say,
"try to be happy"


I wake each day,
to say,
"try to be less sad?"

and being less sad,
less steep drops,
on sad days,
when trying to be happy,

and trying to be happy,
consists of less advanced,
but a constant setback.
every sad day,

I just try to find the one good thing,
and think about that,
rather then,
all the bad things,
eating at me all day long.
Less sad came up with the idea while texting
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

I miss you,
And when I miss you,
Its not,
Just a miss , or worry , or care,
Or a concern,
You're the best,
I'm the worst,
But by chance,
you just made my night,
Never heard from you,
Or your mom,
Or your brother,
In awhile,
Made me laugh,
Made me smile,
It was accurate,
It was reality,
When we were together,
Good morning,
I guess mistakes were made,
Then we dry our eyes,
Put on the vans,
I kiss your face,
Made you blush,
Hide your face,
I hid under your bed,
The cutest face I ever seen,
First person I ever loved,
And gave my virginity to,
Wanted us to never end,
Its like you had all the answers to my questions,
You sat on cloud nine with me,
I can't get over you,
And if I do,
Then I want someone just like you,
To kiss and touch like you,
You knew me well enough to do those things,
And get me excited,
If you know what I mean,
I miss you.
Miss her ...
Shruti Atri Jul 2014
rain finally falls,
the heavens burst,
it pours,
making itself known,
and thunder growls,
to tell me,
'I'm here!'.
It was a good rainy day in Mumbai today, the most awaited, the first of the season! =D

— The End —