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kaehaniya Jul 2020
i shot him
and snow came out of the open wound
i shot him
no blood
just snow
i shot him
he did not scream
he did not cry
he looked at the wound
and said
that he did not want to see me die
i shot him
he did not hurt
he did not die
did i really shoot him?
"i shot him. and snow came out of the open wound."
i dont know what this is but it seems kind of symbolic
Kirsten Perry Apr 2020
You are my good days.
My full belly laughs.
You are my safety.
You are my cant eat, cant sleep, cant think.
My smile, reaching for my ears
the way you always reach for my hand.
You are also my bad days.
My cry until I cant cry anymore.
You are my sore throat.
My frown lines etching themselves
into my face like they own her.
My contempt.
Oh how I soften when you pull me against you.
The beauty in your eyes.
Tender kiss landing on my skin.
I forget about the bad days.
After all before I met you,
I had so few
good days.
I'm a bit rusty so please dont be to harsh

— The End —