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Theamage Jun 19
Considered, a man around flashes,
Visual in the day light, yet no true,
Wrinkles in face, it is all flashy now,
Spoke about the day, not a day.

Oh!young we all were,
Couldn't, find the track,
Wouldn't, we be here,
Shouldn't, we now grip.
Theamage Apr 24
I shall see the words,
Yet,I hear only sound,
Prisoners in the dungeon,
I am convinced, I am free.

Well defined, to be reality,
Sheep and artificial grass,
A satanic temple and all the spells,
I am convinced,I am not bounded.

All the delicious food daily,I am fed,
Why would I seek the ingredient?
Not corrupted and trying to make peace,
I am convinced, I am counted.
Theamage Apr 11
Trying to escape,
Question, escape what ?
Ghost, holding and torturing,
Seen him and touched too.

Disclosure,no, I am no mad-man,
Him, I fear and you do not,
All these time, surrounded,
Surely, I have organs missing,
Oh mirror! I look healthy.

Alive, "the mantras" and imagination?
Shoulder heavy, no flying in the ceiling,
Faith and witch doctor, an another part,
Maybe someday, no more him.
Theamage Mar 9
Touch, me if you can,
Catch, me if you can,
You will never, can do that,
Maybe in dreams,
Maybe if you reach the level.

Crack my head,
Shot me down,
You will never **** me,
It's not about your world,
Here, I am talking spiritually.
Theamage Mar 5
Trying to escape,
I am "X" within "Y",
I am not alone,
I know, I know,

Tell when you feel same,
So, we could figure it out,
Strikes, I am "Y" within "X",
It's not a disease, you know,
Tell me when you feel the same,

Nostalgia, now a new feeling for me,
Strikes, I am "X" within "Y",
Love and hatred, an old feeling,
Strikes, I am "Y" withing "X",
Wonder? Not, Tell me when you feel same,
I know, I know, not alone "XY"
Theamage Mar 4
So much of lights,
An illusion, is it? I feel dark,
Lights so many, maybe a dim light?
Feels so but it is not.

Not a sunny day, today,
So, trying to chill with Netflix,
It is so cold and the air is blowing,
People with umbrellas and swimsuit,

Is it you? That's making me illusioned,
Well, I do not think, it is me too,
I suppose it is me, but what is it?
Bubbling mind, it is alright,
I am okay with Netflix.
Theamage Feb 21
Stupid, I was,
That I prayed,
Put my thoughts into thoughts,
So now, praying is stupid,
As you wish to be Superman.
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