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Theamage Mar 9
Touch, me if you can,
Catch, me if you can,
You will never, can do that,
Maybe in dreams,
Maybe if you reach the level.

***** my head,
Shot me down,
You will never **** me,
It's not about your world,
Here, I am talking spiritually.
Theamage Mar 5
Trying to escape,
I am "X" within "Y",
I am not alone,
I know, I know,

Tell when you feel same,
So, we could figure it out,
Strikes, I am "Y" within "X",
It's not a disease, you know,
Tell me when you feel the same,

Nostalgia, now a new feeling for me,
Strikes, I am "X" within "Y",
Love and hatred, an old feeling,
Strikes, I am "Y" withing "X",
Wonder? Not, Tell me when you feel same,
I know, I know, not alone "XY"
Theamage Mar 4
So much of lights,
An illusion, is it? I feel dark,
Lights so many, maybe a dim light?
Feels so but it is not.

Not a sunny day, today,
So, trying to chill with Netflix,
It is so cold and the air is blowing,
People with umbrellas and swimsuit,

Is it you? That's making me illusioned,
Well, I do not think, it is me too,
I suppose it is me, but what is it?
Bubbling mind, it is alright,
I am okay with Netflix.
Theamage Feb 21
******, I was,
That I prayed,
Put my thoughts into thoughts,
So now, praying is ******,
As you wish to be Superman.
Theamage Feb 20
Well, it is so obvious,
Everyone dream but I do not,
I have not tried to achieve,
Maybe, I have not dreamt for real.
Trips me, my thoughts,
Vision always dark,
Where there exist fool,
I am no fool but still dark,
Found photons but still dark,
There lacks something but,
It is just a laziness
Theamage Feb 18
I guess I was well taught,
But I strived for more,
Now, I have got the only perfect thing,
A dilemma, Dilemma, and Dilemma

Silence is sometimes the answer,
Sometimes the fear,
Sometimes the anger,
Sometimes dilemma.

Knowing actual thing has been the solution,
But I can only see things that are meant to,
I can only hear things that are meant to,
Where is the originality?

The invisible power we are controlled by,
But here includes no heaven,
Fearful for the invisible power,
here includes no ****.
Theamage Feb 17
No, it's not the same,
Still, while I am running,
Sinking, while I am floating,
I might become half man,
No narcissism but still...,

Now, I am all in for the world,
Basically, I am energy now,
So much grown, no broken things,
Fruit of all season.

I am opulent now,
I am dominating,
I want to suppress,
You now can call me elite.
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