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Sunset Meadows Nov 2019
He sits
All alone

For his love

Never would he guess
He would fall for him

A beautiful man
As bright as the sun

Like a flower
With no time to fade

Fluffy hair
Bouncing in the wind

What I wouldn't do
To have him as mine

Over time they fell
Falling deeper as time went on

Finally ending
This romantic fairy tale
Tell me what you think.
fray narte Jul 2019
We always dreamed of
boarding that plane
and running away
to some old countryside in Europe
and you’d sell your poetry
to printing presses and
I’d play my songs
in shopping streets,

and boy, were we clueless
that a year later,
you’ll be running your fingers
down his spine to his tailbone,
as if they are the spaces
between the horizontal lines of your paper,

and I’ll be running high
on caffeine and regrets
and playing new songs about you —

new songs

you’ll never hear.
I’m sorry I’m not the perfect guy you hoped I was.
I’m sorry I’m stupid enough to let you go.
I’m sorry I made you hurt
I’m sorry that I can't see you’re the best thing that has happened to me
I’m sorry that my issues blind me to the extent of making dumb choices
I’m not sorry that I love(ed) you
this is for my ex-boyfriend

— The End —