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Jyothilaxmi lolam Jan 30
Life's lessons
Life can be sunshine
On peaceful days with bright blue skies.
It can be like raindrops, squeezed from tearful eyes.
Life can be the heaven, that can be only reached through hell.
You will not know you are happy,
Unless you have been sad,
Life you teach hard lessons,

Which makes me wiser today.
Because roses too, need both sunshine and
A touch of rain to blossom.
Life always surprises us, difficult times teach us lessons of life. life is a teacher.keep learning
Rain blossom, teacher, learning, difficult,rain, wiser

Life teaches us many lessons and surprises us every moment
sometimes I think
there might not be a tomorrow
so my time can't be wasted in any established institution.

whoops, there I go, wasting.  
whoops, there goes the future.

band together,weird brothers.

a half assed attempt from one of us equates to a hundred ten percent from one of the others.
but what difference would it make?
there's like, a hundred million of them &
only one of me.

we're already snuffed out by the numbers.

so we throw ourselves off track; it's some what hypocritical - but hey -
at least we're following our hearts
or whatever *****
we think is the most vital.

simple existence is the biggest shame.
for the love of god.
you'll rot if you stay for the spindle,
drilling yer spiel & teething on the tiers, stagnating in the famous cesspools of shalott.
settle in, ferment to liquidity.

Imma just watch yall
waiting for the day
your stocking feet curl up &
die beneath the mortgage,
leaving the zirconia slippers
of a dream seeing red.

be clean
be neat
be nice
be right
be alive
& smile
but not too much.

that's the tell to tell em
something's up,
the specimen are not disrupted
or adapting to challenge
of being ******
with these conditions.
they appear to be happy.

too happy.

something's missing.
"...The world is full of educated derelicts...." -Coolidge.

— The End —