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Jul 2019
5 am blue reminds me
how to touch G on the piano.

there aren't many words i can think of to define it, really.

but i do know it's like crying. quiet tears welling and holding someone tight to your chest, imagining what it must be like
to feel something holding you together.

it is gentle, the way you would comfort a snowflake, the center of a child's eyes. the shy flower that unfolds like precious origami in the dark.

it is the silence, sound of breathing.

it is delicate, like trust and empathy and

it is what i want to play for you.
there's really no way i can satisfyingly describe the sound and feeling and that makes me so upset. but one day i'll show it to someone over and over because i will have more than words for them
Written by
Silver  somewhere out there
(somewhere out there)   
     Bogdan Dragos and Fawn
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