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Ces Dec 2020
A tyrannical itch
That is never satisfied
The skin, broken
Smudges of blood
The rugged epidermis

A need that isn't supposed to be there
A soul-crushing phantom
An obsession with the computer screen
For the likes, the applause
For significance.

Like a drug-induced falsity
False euphoria
The itch grows unbearable
But mind-numbingly pleasant.

Such is the nature of attention-seeking
And toxic social media.
Gabriel Aug 2020
Copy yourself,

make something other

a binary you,

in a world

of starships and code

and the fact that death

doesn’t really mean anything here.

Right here,

we don’t need

oxygen or food,

in this world

of falsity and fantasy

and the sweetness of hallucination

that aches behind your body.
Stand still,

headset firmly on

and breaths calm,

a new world
awaits your better self

where you forget the depersonalisation

of still always being human.

Copy that,

you’re the captain

of false starships,

hurtling through uncertainty

with virtual reality comforting

you when you realise that

you’ll never be like this.

Another you,

version fifty-three

in a chain,

never changing yourself

or becoming something better

only sticking in mistakes

and pretending like it’s improvement.

Copy yourself,

make another other

for another self,

forget your body

and transmit human signals

to other fake-people

who tell themselves aching stories

of a reality

that we daren’t change.
Something I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in first year of university.
Ankita Dash May 2020
I was still covered in placenta when they locked me in this golden cage

fast at work,
they didn't care how calloused their hands got
rough ropes fed through the pulleys,
and sewed into the heavy haze of distraction.

I promise you,
if they could leave this pedestal and share the warmth that is burning and bubbling for them, they would do it;
but the fall would **** them first.

there are two ways to rob someone of their humanity-
to idolise them
and to ignore them;
so perhaps we all share the same emptiness that way.
Hanna C S Jul 2019
I am not a saint and neither are you.
So what are we to do -
But sit back and
Watch the same suspects;
Sit in self-pity,
Sick to their stomachs;
With own-grown notions;
Of a love so cavity-sweet.
A rotten romance
Written by children -
Drags us all to the dentist.

As it takes centre stage;
We act it out together.
Watch as they gorge themselves
Fat on the falsity;
Stuck in a daze of how they
Ought to be;
Of how they'll never be.

And the hope heals the heat of it.
Softens the sting of it -
Like milk;
But like milk that sits stagnant;
It'll slowly turn sour.
Watch as the older ones choke on it.
Swig back and cough up the chunks in it.
Self-hatred never settled well.

Look but don't touch.
People like us are too rough;
For the people of painted porcelain.
Fairy-tale spines are feeble;
Paper hearts and scripted stories
Smolder in the heat of us;
Fold with the weight of us.

And I will never understand,
Why delusions rule reality?
Why broken hearts are promised
to teenage dreamers?
Why mad in love is the golden rule?
Surely, insanity only drives you to a hospital?
I can't go back down that road.
I want to be sane in love;
The same in love;
Or not in love.
After all,
What's wrong with a little *** and sanity?

So, We are not saints;
And I don't believe in god.
I don't need your love story.
Baby don't lie to me;
Heaven isn't here for the finding;
**** fake fantasies;
Let's make our own masterpiece;
Just paint my skin with your lips
with my lips on your skin;
before we fall asleep.

I hung your heart
With your coat by the door,
You can have it back;
When you leave in the morning.

Eloisa Feb 2019
Yes, I wear a mask
Woven of fabric of falsity
Now drenched in agony
The mask of grief, pain and fear
But my calm face says “I’m fine!”
Francie Lynch May 2017
There oughta be another option,
A different route to take.
Alternate realities are limited,
The receptors are collapsing in.
Actors are computer generated,
Vocalists are lip synching,
Wood's not wood,
The bellfry is a facade,
And my chicken dinner didn't hatch.
My clothes are made of oil,
My veggies grow indoors,
I'm drinking chlorine and fluoride,
Bottled water isn't wet.
What I see's not what I get.
Yes or no simply won't do.
My tires aren't rubber, I'm laying slicks,
Shakespeare's off the curriculum.
That's not the face you had last week,
Nor the body you've long borne.
Gimme some old fashioned ice-cream.
They're laying oil lines,
Clear-cutting my life line,
Soon landing us on Mars.
Yes or no won't do.
***** a fence around our world,
We're living in a zoo.
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Sometimes you are caught
Between the intersections
Of you and your reflection
Wondering, about the reality
So much happens between
Exchanges with your reflection
Mirroring what you want to see
And what reality actually is
Try to touch the portrayed image
Segregate the inner reality
And the outer façade for the world
Mirror what you really are
And your reflection will embrace you
Given the clarity, that shatters
The reflection of a reflection
Thus blossoms the image from the heart
Mirror will be glistening with pride
Amitav Radiance Jan 2015
Induced influences
of the portrayed reality
reflected from the
mirrors of (un)reality
nexus of the rays
entraps you in a bind
Counterfeit enthusiasm
of sinister designs
Amitav Radiance Sep 2014
How many faces you wish?
For you are not true to your own
Can you bear the burden of many?
Posing as everyone, but you
Even the mirror will be flummoxed
Ashamed to show the real you
Maybe a face forgotten long ago
Waging a war against yourself
An army of many faces adopted
Will bring you to the gallows
That will be the end to your identity
When you will be unmasked
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Is destiny reality
Or just a falsity
Once I believed in destiny
Now I believe it's insanity

I'm a little lost for which path to take
I've been given so many
I just don't want to make a mistake
There are just so many possibilities

Which one is the right
Which one do I pick
Will I end up with a fright
Will I end up really sick

Too many choices
And so many voices
How do I know
Which path to follow

No longer do I believe
That there is destiny
My own path I shall conceive
Have I just created my own insanity
So many life possibilities handed to me but can only pick one. Im young and confused, don't know which path to take. My heart doesn't either lol
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