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Aug 4
Copy yourself,

make something other

a binary you,

in a world

of starships and code

and the fact that death

doesn’t really mean anything here.

Right here,

we don’t need

oxygen or food,

in this world

of falsity and fantasy

and the sweetness of hallucination

that aches behind your body.
Stand still,

headset firmly on

and breaths calm,

a new world
awaits your better self

where you forget the depersonalisation

of still always being human.

Copy that,

you’re the captain

of false starships,

hurtling through uncertainty

with virtual reality comforting

you when you realise that

you’ll never be like this.

Another you,

version fifty-three

in a chain,

never changing yourself

or becoming something better

only sticking in mistakes

and pretending like it’s improvement.

Copy yourself,

make another other

for another self,

forget your body

and transmit human signals

to other fake-people

who tell themselves aching stories

of a reality

that we daren’t change.
Something I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in first year of university.
Written by
Gabriel  21/Trans Male/UK
(21/Trans Male/UK)   
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