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FrankieM Feb 2019
Contrary to popular belief
You don’t stop loving a man after he hits you
If anything it just leads you to wonder
Why did I deserve this? What did I do wrong? This is my fault, I should’ve seen this coming.
What can I do to fix this? How could I make myself better? How can I prevent this from happening again?

Contrary to popular belief
When he says he won’t do it again, he doesn’t actually mean it.
It’ll only gets worse.
How far can I go? Why does she stay?
I have her wrapped so tight around my finger and my fingers so tight around her throat.
Why does she love me? Will she believe me when I say I love her, that I will change?

Contrary to popular belief
Things will only change for the first couple days.
He will apologize.
Why do you love me? How did I become such a **** up? I had a rough childhood, I don’t want to end up like my father. Couldn’t you see how you provoked me? What would I ever do without you? Could you please forgive me?

Contrary to popular belief
You will forgive him with a lump in your throat, this time is no different than the last.
Things will never be the same
You’ll step more lightly when he’s near, breathe more quietly. You’ll feel the same fear you felt when he first pushed you against the wall every time a door closes too hard. You’ll still lie to everybody about the bruises.

Contrary to popular belief
You can only lie to yourself for so long
You don’t really believe he’ll change, but you’re afraid of change anyways. You’ll settle. I know the real him, he didn’t mean to hurt me. His anger just gets the best of him sometimes, but it’s not his fault. He’s really sweet, I swear. He loves me.

Contrary to popular belief
He doesn’t love you
When he struck you your best interest was the least of his. He knew he did wrong.
He doesn’t understand the severity of what he’s done, nor does he care to. History repeats itself.

Contrary to your beliefs
He never loved you
A rough draft. Unfortunately I could go on. Unfortunately I’ll have to.
Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
You love me, you love me not
How many times do you command
Pulling me in and out
While you strum the strings on my heart
I ask only since I’ve wilted
Struggling not to give away my life
Inspired by exs’ whom I endured many heartbreaks from a naive period in my life
Aa Harvey Jun 2018

I want you to be something you can never be;
Something you could never feel, deep inside of me.
I want you to see something; something you could never see.
Something you could never dream,
That’s always been inside of me.

Something someone said,
Stuck in my mind and affected my head.
Something someone should have been,
Fades away with apathy.
Something you will never be,
Is truly into me.

Now all I can do is learn to hate something.
Something or anything; nothing with integrity.
No dislike of apathy, for it has no reaction;
All I hate is all I love, for all it has is what I need.
Passion, reaction, satisfaction;
You used to give me all of these.

But you will never be anything,
When we could have been everything!
We chose to be nothing real.
We could still chose to be something,
If only we could remember how to feel.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Shrivastva MK Apr 2018
Aaj ke pyaar me ab wo purane zazbaat nahi,
Sirf aansoo hi milenge logon se par vishwas nahi,
Rona tou Saab ab aadat ban *** hai,
Kyuki ab en aansuo ki kimat  koi khash nahi,

Ab es dil ko kisi ki chahat ka intezar nahi,
Lafzon se ghayal hain hum,Kisi khanzar ki darkaar nahi,
Jise sazaya tha murat ki tarah es sine me humne,
Usne hi kahan,Hume aapse pyaar nahi,

Hum wo kasmein bhul sakte,tute khwab nahi,
Dil tod wo kahte hai,Hume tou kuchh bhi yaad nahi,
Aaj kahte wo humse,maaf kr dijiye hume
Par mere ek bhi prashno ka unke paas jawab nahi,

I hate the love which is done only for selfish reason...
Olivia Christine Nov 2017
The first time I heard you say you'd leave,
The first time I heard you say you don't love me,
The first time you said you were moving on,
The first time you said you loved me; you were wrong.
You were wrong, so ******* wrong. The first taste of doubt is what makes you see someones true feelings.
Alien Dec 2016
I gaze into her eyes
All I can see is love
But foolishly I disagreed with her words and accepted lies
Those eyes repeatedly stared at me
It caught an emotion beneath me
Those heartfelt eyes with strong emotion
They gave me a motion to move forward and speak strong words of love. Tho not knowing then I was digging my grave.
And now I see the sight above.
A Star dropping from the sky
The same kind of brightness I saw in those eyes.
Those eyes predicted fall inlove
A falling star from above
A star that died before it lived
A star that lit but never sparked
That star that broke this heart
That star that sparkled in her eyes
Those eyes that sparkled with heartfelt lies
Those eyes predicted fallen love
But now my tomb is all dug
I stay down below while she stays up above
Now those eyes
Gaze back at me
Telling me to come back to me
But all I know are lies with those eyes
Now they sparkle with heart felt cries
And tears of lies
Randy Mcpeek Aug 2016
Why Don’t I Hate You?

Why don’t I hate you, after all you have done to me?
I have never known anyone who could destroy me so completely.
I was blinded by the false vows you made of a future;
Only to find out you were nothing but an abuser.
I had no warning,you just suddenly vanished;
Leaving me to question, and,my inner demons to vanquish.
It took all I had not to curl up and die.
Instead I wrote down my feelings, and, gave permission cry.
In a letter addressed to you, I never sent;
I poured out my “Whys” until I was spent.
I acknowledged the future you told me was a lie.
It was time to let go, and, say my final goodbyes.
I struck a match, to burn my memories of you.
I watched the flames grow, and then it was through.
A piece of my heart died the day you left me alone.
I wondered how could someone have a heart made of stone.
I had to create my own ending to us.
I’m forever changed, and, I won't be so quick to trust.
I hope that one day I am able to forgive you.
Because in doing that, I can reclaim what I most value.

Randy McPeek
May Asher Dec 2015
I'm built of water splashing over edges
As I fall and break upon rocks

With mud in my bones and creaky joints
and sand makes my eyes lashes

I'm built of dust, blowing away
Carried by the wind wherever it goes

I don't care anymore for it doesn't matter
I'm just built of words with no meaning

And of empty light burning in darkness
And hollow waves crashing against storms

I fall beneath and beneath
And hit the darkness rusting underneath

Where no one shows when I scream
Where no light dares to touch my eyes

And my bones all shatter,
until they're just powdered calcium

And blood freeze in my bones,
forming stalactites, piercing through my veins

And my skin cracks and breaths escape
And the shadows sink inside my shell

And fissures seep through my irises
And oceans dissolve my dust eyelashes

And memories burn my eyes
and flow past the brims

It's only raw, absolute, sheer pain
As I tear slowly without screaming

Only tears, howls and lost love
And your betrayal and false friends

I've lived for so long but haven't found peace
Now I'm just begging your memories to leave me be

For there's nothing now I could lose
Nothing left of me or my dreams anymore

Nothing of wounded hope
And my canvas of love

I've seen the streets for a thousand years
always wandering never finding my own home

I'm afraid if I let my eyes closet they'll dream again
For I'm torn, vein by vein and cell by cell

I'm nothing but a shadow of who I was
Nothing but reflection of my past

Just an echo of a scream I used to be
Just an illusion of the life I've lived

Nothing more is left, love
For I've given you all of me

How can you tear me, love?
I'm already lying in red ribbons

I'm strips of flesh and blood
And of Silver pain and Black hope

Love, I'm smiling the last time
Please tell me to stay

And hold me for eternity
Because just forever isn't enough for me.

Rowan Ash Jun 2015
I have stretch marks
that arc over my hips
and my stomach like
white lightening;

Veins create a labyrinth
beneath my skin,
broken by protruding scars
on my shoulders and arms.
I am a vortex of blood
and thought and feeling.

I carved words of love
into my thighs
and on my fingertips;
but you only ever traced
my body with
your lips, never
your eyes.

— The End —