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Justin G Dec 2014
If you know who I am?
Look for me.

I will be meditating far away deep within the
Great Mountains of Mount Meru.
You will find me
on top of a hourglass, groomed in all black.
You will see me feeding sunflower seeds
to purple winged sheep
that smell of lavender.

If you know who I am?
Please don't hesitate to look for me.
I will be levitating somewhere over the Sahara Desert,
on a carpet made from fire & brimstone.

Better yet!

You will find me drifting off in a rainforest
singing with the wolves, or dancing with snakes,
or even composing with the trees,

But if you truly know who I am?
Pay me a visit.

I will be below land
swimming in the vast seas of Atlantis.
I shall be decorated in golden pearls from head to toe.
I will be above and beyond the clouds, deep in outer space,
dodging asteroids in light speed.
You will find me desperately searching and striving
for a better place to call home
A better place to call my own.
Look For Me.

— The End —