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Umang  Jun 2018
The lost explorer
Umang Jun 2018
The lost explorer

I m The Lost explorer 
In the creative world of you 
Searching for the dreams 
Finding that ocean 
To dive in and be free

I m the lost explorer 
In the creative world of you 
Lighting up the stars
That turned dark 
Carving a shelter
Out of the wood barks

I m the lost explorer 
In the creative world of you 
Spreading smile aromas
Racing with butterflies
Dancing upon the river shore
By seeing the flowing water of life

I m the lost explorer 
In the creative world of you
Filling up the colors 
To draw your face
Climbing up the branches
To see the moon grace

I m the lost explorer 
Seeking for the creator
Of this magical place
Hoping to see you 
Taste a little life with you 
And stop my chase..
Marie Darling  May 2016
Marie Darling May 2016
I am an explorer
I explore mountain tops
and rolling valleys
I explore the world from top to bottom
I am an explorer
I explore mountain tops
that are rough
and jagged
and some higher than others
but still beautiful
I explore valleys
that are deep
and dangerous
and not quite straight
but still beautiful
I am an explorer
I find comfort in these places
These beautiful places
When I tell people I’m an explorer
they ask me where I go
I tell them beautiful, wonderful places
Yet I know that they won’t find the same beauty that I do
I know they will never understand the wonder I see
I know they will never understand the comfort I feel
when I touch the dirt of these places
So when I tell you that I’m an explorer
I mean it.
I don’t explore seas
or deserts
or far off lands
The world I explore is that of my body
I explore the mountains and valleys that I have carved into my thighs with razor blades
Yet they’re just as beautiful as the ones outside.
I march to a different drummer
My life it is my own
I'm an explorer of experience
That is how I'm known

I've seen snow in South Dakota
I've been on the Vegas strip
Had barbeque in Kansas
My life has been a trip

I'm a gypsy of the railways
I'm a legend in my time
I move on in a boxcar
Brother... spare a dime?

I've been through all the landlocked states
Five provinces as well
I've seen Niagara Falls all frozen
I've seen it flowing fast as well

I've had margaritas in Key West
And Bourbon in Kentucky
Craft beers out in Oregon
In my life I have been lucky

I travel on my stories
Feed myself with all my tales
I'm an explorer of experience
I'm a gypsy of the rails

I never stick around too long
I don't wear my welcome out
I come and see just what I want
That's what life is all about

I've railroad friends in Texas
Some up in BC too
We've shared drinks in San Diego
And had a great Alaskan brew

I'm not one to live by your rules
I find my rules suit me fine
I'm an explorer of experience
And I'm riding on the lines

You can find me down in Georgia
Or eating spuds in Idaho
I never know just where I'll be
Until my ride begins to go

I'm a gypsy of the railways
I'm a legend in my time
I move on in a boxcar
Brother...spare a dime?
Tryst  Feb 2016
The Sea Explorer
Tryst Feb 2016
I spied a mighty albatross
Blue-eyed as coral stone
With heavenly wings borne like a cross
Adrift aloft alone
A speckled snow-capped mountain crown
Adorned the canopy
Upon her white quill-feathered gown
Explorer of the sea

No wonderland of wintry ice
Has thawed unto her touch
Nor sand-annointed paradise
Played harbour to her clutch
The shimmered sun and shadowed moon
Are beacons born to be
Her rooftop lights through livelong flights
Explorer of the sea

What maid foresworn to solitude
And shackled by her chains
Has tasted of a servitude
And dreamt not of the reins?
Imprisoned thus each land-lorn day
By neither lock nor key
How must your beaten heart dismay
Explorer of the sea?

As time the drifter slinks away
Upon an ebbing tide
I watch you fade from dusk-lit grey
To night’s eternal void
And left bereft and to atone
The deepest sins of me
I wonder who is more alone
Explorer of the sea?
Journey to the subconscious,
Do you dare,
Feel no scare,
The feeling,
You can't compare,
Your way down,
Inside your own town,
They call it the devils' lair,
But that's the fear,
With your soul you can pair,
So explorer - fear not,
Put your ego on the spot,
Shread the mind,
Feel the heart,
You're one of a kind,
[Unique - a beautiful freak]
Madness and stillness you'll find,
The rhythm and blues of spirit,
Yeah mad explorer - feel it,
The journey to the subconscious,
Time to focus;
[Let your soul loose]

~ z.s
Cassie Wilson Jul 2013
He doesn’t owe me the very breath I just savored
so I yell at the stars,
“I think He owes me a favor.”
He does not.

Yet, there's mercy.
Even more, there's love,
and still I spit
on jewels wrapped in burlap
I don’t need You.

What more, I plead and bargain
for light to peak through a crack
in the crevice of your soul
that cannot feel, nor love
because precious, precious jewels wrapped in burlap
do not compare to an explorer’s find of Alexandrite
in the cave I call your soul.

A fool, an explorer – one in the same,
there was not one jewel in burlap,
but many.
What imprudence! I still long for
one glimpse of Alexandrite
hoarded under hate and lies,
deception and malice.
What nerve! To demand for
light to leak in caves
that are not mine to reconnoitre.

An explorer is a demitasse
for when she is graced with eternal diamonds
she selects coal instead.
Derrick Feinman Mar 2015
I am a grounded explorer:
I dream of travelling the stars,
but alas there are few tickets to even Mars.
I romanticize the explorers of yor,
who roamed the oceans to explore.
Oh to be with Captains Lewis and Clark,
an expedition through the wilderness to embark!
The maps are made and the earth is mapped;
The Final Frontier is barely unwrapped.
It is not a do-it-yourself sort of thing,
I cannot just into space my body fling.
To explore the unknown would yield such glee,
But I console myself: at least the world's new to me.
Terry Jordan Mar 2016
That day I met her at the Shelter
She said, “My name is Dora",
While hanging upside down, off kilter,
“I’m Dora the Explorer!”
Balanced on the armoire door
Beckoning me to help her retrieve
Hanging high above the floor
A ballet that I couldn’t believe...
Up on one toe she dangled
As she demanded I help her reach
Some toys she longed to wrangle
Until we heard a commanding screech!
“Get down from there!  Wash your hands!
Asia, it’s almost time for dinner!"
Dora leapt-trusting- she lands
Her high-flying act a sure winner!

Oh, Dora, who is Asia?
She said, “I don’t like that name-sorry!
Later let's play a new game?
After dinner my name is Laurie!”
Since she answered to that name
I schooled her in her name’s history
But Dora just wouldn’t be tamed
Asia, alias Laurie Dora
After supper, brushed and scrubbed
Gave the best, my airy explorer-
Dora's monumental hug!
She sprang to my arms without warning
Like a monkey from a vine
I wasn’t aware until morning
It was the best hug of all time!
I met this amazing young girl at the local homeless shelter, and I'm pretty sure she's coping well despite her family's difficulties finding work & a place to live.  They'll stay at the shelter until that's accomplished.
Danny S  Dec 2012
The Explorer
Danny S Dec 2012
An explorer lives within me, smouldering
Beneath the opaque layers of my being.
She is at once a soul herself
And an inseparable force of my own.

This explorer knows no limits,
And obeys no law beyond those of physics.
She entertains no fear, for she has seen
The Divinity of her existence.

Oh, how I long to let her run wild!
Chandler Meyer Oct 2015
I am an explorer of souls
My ears and eyes my vessel
The coffee shop my microcosm
Each person has a story created by me
I navigate the terrain of their crooked smiles and baggy eyes
and create the geological history of their heart
Its an arduous task,
being an explorer of souls
Sometimes their sadness leaks inside me,
a vast river of tears
But sometimes their joy radiates everywhere,
the great sun radiating down upon me
AmberLynne Apr 2014
Forgive my hands
for their wandering ways. 
It's simply that I could spend
the rest of my days
exploring every part of you. 
Running my fingertips
gently across your skin
just to feel the sensation 
of you over and again.
Arpan Rathod May 2017
Looking at
her photos
on the internet
captioned as
"Finally an explorer"
I also became
An Internet Explorer.


— The End —