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Cecil Miller May 2
Of all my days and nights,
This will be my favorite.
I will carry it with me,
As long as life will let me.
When I am feeble and fading,
I will hope to hold on to it.
It is my favorite memory of you.

Of all my days and nights,
This will hurt me most.
I cannot let it slip away;
Life will not let me.
Now you are feeble and fading,
I have still my favorite
Memory to help me through.
The night I took a break from my novel is the same night I wrote most of my entres this morning. I hope some of them are good.
Cecil Miller Mar 2018
Where were you when country music performers did not make political statements?
Did you stand or kneel when they sang, "God Bless the U.S.A."?
If the south would have won, would we really have had it made?
If you don't plan to take a stand, what are all hidden stockpiled rapidfire rifles for?
No wonder you won't talk about current events.
You have been silenced in so many debates.
Seeing how the republican officials are doing, I wouldn't want to talk about it either if I were you.
We hate to say we told you so,
But we did.
I loath hypocrisy
Ali Nov 2016
Holding onto something that doesn't exist
Cecil Miller May 2015
You stopped by to see me on your way out of town.
You said you were headed west because the locals were bringing you down.
As you sat across from me,
I looked into your eyes.
Then it hit, how much I'd miss my friend, as we said our good-byes.

I stood on the darkened sidewalk beneath a lamp that wasn't lit,
As you drove your car away from me,
My heart broke a little bit.
I would never tell a young man never to explore,
Because nobody could have held me back in my days of yesteryore.

A piece of me feels envy.
I'm no longer a young man.
If I were, then I would be with you,
Hand in loving hand.

Maybe once in a while think of me, When. like a stallion, you roam free.
When you kiss the pretty ponies,
Give a kiss for me.
As you blaze your fiery trail until you reach the ocean shore,
Remember that my heart is with you
And shall be evermore.
I have been on both sides of this song. Most recently when a friend went to make his way in California a few months ago. I wrote it just now in about twenty minutes. 5/30/15

— The End —