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Ladonna Atherley May 2019
To whom it may concern;
I’m truly sorry for all the inconvenience and none sense,
I tried to take care of this foolishness at a more private location, but like  in all ways, I failed.   So , here I am.
I am of sound mind, and know exactly what I am doing.
This is my destiny and gods will for me. I know that now.
Please, do not make a fuss or take any heroic measures.
I give my body to science, and I have no friends or family to notify.      

Thank you,
And again, I’m sorry,
  Jane doe
From a deep and very dark place in my life.
Cecil Miller May 2015
You stopped by to see me on your way out of town.
You said you were headed west because the locals were bringing you down.
As you sat across from me,
I looked into your eyes.
Then it hit, how much I'd miss my friend, as we said our good-byes.

I stood on the darkened sidewalk beneath a lamp that wasn't lit,
As you drove your car away from me,
My heart broke a little bit.
I would never tell a young man never to explore,
Because nobody could have held me back in my days of yesteryore.

A piece of me feels envy.
I'm no longer a young man.
If I were, then I would be with you,
Hand in loving hand.

Maybe once in a while think of me, When. like a stallion, you roam free.
When you kiss the pretty ponies,
Give a kiss for me.
As you blaze your fiery trail until you reach the ocean shore,
Remember that my heart is with you
And shall be evermore.
I have been on both sides of this song. Most recently when a friend went to make his way in California a few months ago. I wrote it just now in about twenty minutes. 5/30/15
Mark Steigerwald Jan 2015
upon a city at sea

by the light in her eyes

As land gave way to ocean,
mountains of rock and earth
surrendering to hills of turbulent waves,
we stood on the deck
hand in hand

We spoke softly
danced rhythmically
and shared the night together

Once far out into the blue
the sun departed from our gaze
and the stars
one by one
began peeping out of the night sky

We laid down upon the deck
holding each other tight.

We sang softly
danced rhythmically
and drank deeply
from the cup of happiness.

Our hearts aligned
our dreams still far out
if only we knew what was coming
if only we could have seen through the shrouded mist of time.

How tightly would I have held you then,
holding you close to me
thanking God almighty for that moment
hoping it would last a lifetime.

But the moment was soon

Our hearts so newly intertwined
broken apart

Thrown suddenly apart from each other
fate had other plans for us

We were cast far away
isolated in darkness;

Heavy of heart
and weary of soul
my inner most being cried out for her.

She is worlds apart from me now
her smile
her laugh
the blue in her eyes
I must say goodbye.

Like a weight in my chest
that night clings to me
latching on whenever I am weak.

Oh to be with her once more
floating upon rivers of joy.

Yet shes gone from me
and I from her.
forever separated by fates cruel trick

At the end of all things
I stand alone

I must let her go
But I will never forget her memory.

The sensation of that night
the magic in the air
the waves lapping gently against the boat
the stars twinkling far above
the lights from the sliver of land left far behind
the smell of her perfume
the warmth of her smile
the joy in my bones
the wonder that I felt

Farewell to that girl
that wonderful girl,

Farewell to that night
that wonderful night.

Forever  will I cherish you.

— The End —