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Dee Mar 20
In our youth,
We're told how easy it is to ...

Be the person that they admire,

Be the person that champions the underdog,

Be the person that speaks with conviction and honesty,

That is not a fault to correct injustices,

That equality is freely given,

That life isn't about the struggle,

That life isn't the striving for happiness in materialism and capitalism.

I wish they were right.
Its my year
Chinese animal
Year of the oxen
Strange to even include
Chinese but , I am
deeply devoted to what
shaped my life my spiritual soul
So grabbing the bull by the horns..
Good bye 2020
Not touching this year
Time to be ******* happy
Be adventurous
Live like today is all you got
cause it could be
Say I love you after every conversation
Be kind help a stranger or a neighbor
Laugh and do what you makes you happy
Thats it 🍻👊🤘🙏💖2021
🦏 Jennifer Rhinomom🦏
SEAN May 2019
Simpler is the night
When all thoughts are in despair-
Everyone is sullen,
But not your soul.
stranger Oct 2018
Drowning in ignorance.
I've given up on myself.
I try to breathe out of bubbles of assurance.
But I die with every breath.
I've decided I want to be a spectator to my own pain
The outsider grieving over a theatrical game.
If I was mature enough maybe I'd laugh
However I'm just an orphaned stranger.
A child taking care of its mother.
And hahahaha isn't it funny we've heard the same story over and over again
Nothing new, everyone's sad right?
But nobody's sad over the same pain
We're self-sufficient only at night.
Have I reached that stereotypical age when all you want to do is sleep?
Oh and how society loves to call this self-discovery.
So I just chose Drowning.
Or dying.
To fulfill the purpose of our perfectly functional society.
everything's becoming hilariously painful
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2018
As you learn to correct mistakes
Pain humbles so you can grow
Eyes will cry, hands will bleed
You will appreciate it later though.

The stony paths you walked
Regret that haunts your brain
Sleepless nights, thoughts left unsaid
Are the pieces falling into place.
I truly believe everything happens for a reason so although i have regrets they are temporary, because every step ive walked has made me the person i am today. I make mistakes but i have a good heart.
abs Jun 2015
Never will I let you
Make me feel
Less important
Ever again

— The End —