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Lauren Faith Feb 28
Move on  
Just move on.
Come on you can do this
You didn’t really love him

It's not like you spent months planning
The rest of your life with him
Just move on.

It's simple
Find another boy and move on.

But just to humour yourself
What if he made a mistake?
What if he regrets it?

Maybe it's not that simple,
One person's life is complicated and
adding others just makes it worse
So how can it be simple?

What part of relationships or
A lack thereof
Is simple.
Lauren Faith Feb 21
You swooped into my life like a knight in shining armour,
Promised me the life of a fairy tale,
All the riches and gold i could have as your queen.

How was I supposed to know you were the dragon,
that guarded me from the world and took me from the one i knew.

I couldn’t see past your pretty words coming from that mouth with a serpent's tongue.  
But now i can see you for all you were
Scales and all

When you flew away i could see the ruins and the towns you burned,
You told me they were the results of a war you fought,
But its clear they are the rubble of lives you came into and burned to the ground.
this is easily one of the most painful things i have written and i was afraid to write from the sheer pain i have been in the past few weeks.
Lauren Faith Feb 1
Every second away from you hurts more than the last,
When your name appears on my screen
There is a moment of excitement,
Then hours of pain

I don’t know when I will see you next,
My birthday?
Valentines Day?
Our 8 months together?

Not knowing is what’s killing me,
Before I could count down and it was keeping me going
But now I have nothing
No idea when I get to see you

If I get to see you.
Lauren Faith Sep 2018
You are my sunshine
warming my skin as you touch it

without you, my world grows cold and shady
the plants' aren't green,
and the birds won't sing to me in the morning.

the nights are starless,
clouded and cold.
with no sun the moon won't show.

My days will be rainy till you
come home.

but i always know you are there
right behind the clouds.
Lauren Faith Aug 2018
I’ve been trying to speak
But with you, I have no words
To express how I feel

For days I’ve been trying to say one

I question my self for wanting
To say this too soon

But with you, everything just feels
Like there is no too soon
It’s always just right

Not having words to explain the
Feelings inside of me
Is not something I ever
Thought I would experience

But with you, I am comfortable in my own silence
But first I just have one thing to say,
I love you
Lauren Faith Feb 2018
Water has both the power of life
And of death

It is a gentle wave washing up on shore
And the beginning of all life

We cannot live without it
It holds the chemical balance within me

And yet in one surging wave
It can destroy everything in its path

~you were my glass of water, and are my tsunami
Lauren Faith Dec 2017
Just like the winter solstice
You just make my days brighter
The sun shines more headily
Coffee tastes better

But just like the summer solstice
When u walk away
The nights for darker and colder
The dread of icy roads ahead.

But the in between
The spring and autumn solstice
Were full of fun and adventurous night
Where we didnt have a care in the world about the light and dark
Solstice love remorse missing spring fall summer winter
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