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pistachio Dec 2018
As a leaf departs from a twig which dears her true
And which on his care and ardor adamant
So acquiescent and frail you depart too
With the swift wind you became compliant
Then, ceiling became my kind of sky
But bare and dull contrast to that azure canopy placed high
Bed is now my kind of meadow green and dazzling
But damp not of dew but of my tears overflowing
My breath turned into a summer zephyr
Warm and gentle, repose to my fear
My tears grew into an ocean abysmal
Immeasurable with ripples cataclysmal.
You gave me this kind of dwelling after you left. But I guess you didn't know.
Andrew Rueter Feb 2018
You're the best thing I've seen ever
I know that doesn't sound too clever
But on this emotional endeavor
My intellect you sever
Until my face gets redder
Than the scarlet letter
That always looms above
Yet doesn't effect us
Because we have love
To valiantly protect us

I fear this ethereal connection
Won't pass public inspection
I expect an ice water detection
Coming from your direction
But instead I find a warm glow
That only the Lord knows
As long as I'm dwelling
On the stories you're telling

I'm in love with your name
And the concept it contains
I'm in love with your brain
And the wisdom engrained
I'm in love with your stunning appearance
And what you say when no one can hear us
You're the lad in my trailer
You're Vlad the Impaler
Becoming more than a guest in my house
Becoming my future same *** spouse
That sits like a stanchion
In our beautiful mansion
So please abide by my abode
And inhabit my dwelling
Because you've cracked my code
Now buy what I'm selling

My nihilistic nightmares keep me awake
When our intangible connection can break
I get scary dreams
Where you are you
And I am me
And we do what we do
Until I can't see the night through
But when I finally wake up
I want to find love again
No matter how things shake up
We should always be friends
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
Our romance was unforgettable, that's true,
However fake it was to you,
A stranger now who i once knew,
Barely recognize eyes so blue.
Each moment a memory now that you're gone,
Living without you feels all wrong,
Trying to be brave but days seem long,
Every sunrise brings a new chance to move on,
But time won't let me forget your name,
Feel like I'm caving under weight of this pain,
Have no hand to hold, I am going insane,
Can't force your image outta my brain.

Memories far too dear to let go,
Time heals wounds, at least they tell me so,
I know happiness I will eventually find,
There are better days coming than left behind.

Life no longer brings flashbacks, memories made,
Free to grow now, but too afraid.
We both have changed, glad I didn't stay,
I am with someone else, you moved away.
I still think about you now and then,
What would have happened if we didn't end?
If I wasn't stuck with this broken heart to mend?
If we could, would you choose to start over again?
Treat me right second time around?
Keep my heart protected, sound?
Give it reason to pump blood and pound?
Would you still smash my feelings into the ground?


Dwelling on the past will not lead to happiness,
What is done is done, no need to second-guess,
Let go of memories weighing heavy on your chest,
It might hurt right now, but I swear it's for the best.

There are better days coming than the ones behind us
Benji James Apr 2018
Leaving on a world tour
Where I'll be alone
Surrounded by all the unknown
I got no plans for coming home
Oh, oh I'm not coming home

Follow the road
Of paved stone
Concrete laid beneath my feet
Yeah turn on the lights
I'll hit the stage
Surrounded by anarchy and rage
Like an animal in a cage
That's my cards well played
But god I'm glad
that I didn't stay
In this place

Leaving on a world tour
Where I'll be alone
Surrounded by all the unknown
I got no plans for coming home
Oh, oh I'm not coming home

Hear the crowds roar
Memories locked and stored
Some that just burn to the core
Never be the same person as before
Run away little train
From the thinking in his brain
Try to break free of these chains
Burnt by the flame
Bound by his own shame
That was the day
That the monster came

Leaving on a world tour
Where I'll be alone
Surrounded by all the unknown
I got no plans for coming home
Oh, oh I'm not coming home

©2018 Written By Benji James
Ineffable Soul Feb 2018
Through the glass
Things I've lost
Moments that have passed
How it did not last
Dwelling in the past
An honest look
Through the glass
afore the rains fell
river dwelling frogs croaked
in a profuse thrum
Belle Nov 2017
i am not yet accustomed to this world
i want to go back again and make things better
for my heart aches knowing where everything was left
but it is already too late
too many mistakes were made
and i don't think anybody can forgive me
if i were to begin again i would do it right
for my life would have been different.
my life would surely be better.
but i can't
i will never have that opportunity
why? why? why? i am so ashamed
i am so embarrassed
i am so dreading the winter's cold; i will never understand why i do this to myself
for all things born into this world can be happy. so why can't i?
my body is both cold and lifeless as i ride down into deep seas. but when it reaches the bottom i dwell,
and i don't enjoy beauty from my past.
the dark is scary. but it seems to be endless
i will die in pain
i will always remember my past as a great tragedy. and when i crumble, remember, i am sorry
Gary L Jun 2016
planting and then digging up the past
like grasping hands of shattered glass
scattered patterns come back fast
an attachment to the splattered mass

blackened fragments of first and last
spattered paths that lead right back
stabbing agony that will never pass
shackled to the everlasting black
ailemA Nov 2015
I skip breakfast,
I spill my tea,
I've never won a contest,
Outside I'm a mess when i ***.

I bite my nails,
I forget to brush my hair,
Tests I often fail,
Food I'm reluctant to share.

When you'd quote films,
I didn't understand,
But I'd always just want to hold your hand.
I got nervous before we'd kiss,
Afraid I'd do it wrong,
But its you the most i miss,
You're still here but we're gone.

I struggle when i count,
I find books hard to read,
I flinch when people shout,
I have a weird memory.

I'm overly apologetic,
Oh, how pathetic,
The definition of passive.
Aggressive, recessive
One big hidden message

I bear this crown of thorns,
Upon this twisted head,
From those I have been scorn,
Internally left for dead,
Eternally left forlorn.
I wrote this a few months ago and i havent been on here in ages so why not
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