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Will I ever truly love?
Or shall the feelings forever remain unfelt.
Will I ever find the ability to convey?
Or shall the flutter of my heart.
Continue to throttle the only difference
between the norm and the not.
Will I ever belong?
Or shall the loss persist to be lost.
As each and every mistake
fades into the distance
with an open embrace.

Oh these feelings
and those flutters
woe the loss.
Will I ever - truly love?
Ineffable Soul Mar 2019
I finally found the answers
To the questions I thought were unknown
I shall forever remain a lone wolf
This boat of mine will never reach shore
Ineffable Soul Nov 2018
Lost in between
Memoirs of the past
Immense apprehension into the unseen
Ineffable Soul Jun 2018
Oh picture perfect in my head
No change shall come
With words left unsaid
Ineffable Soul Apr 2018
As the sun sets,
It gently caresses her face
And her freckles,
Mimic stars
With plenty of zodiacs to trace
All the while,
Her eyes entwine into galaxies
Infinite stories in place

And all I want to do
Is just stare in awe
Sensing each and every heart beat race
No description can ever do justice.
Ineffable Soul Mar 2018
Uncovering honest words to write
Deep down inside
Far from reach far from sight
Ineffable Soul Mar 2018
I gaze
Without notice
An anxious rush kicks in
Heart beats rapidly
Do I mind?
I feel alive
Her presence
An essence of the seven heavens
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