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Aa Harvey Jun 2018
It’s up to you

If love is all it takes to cry, then why do we need tears at all?
If love just leaves us wondering why,
Then I will once more stand to fall.
If love is forever torn from my hands,
Then I will still remember every love I ever had.

Without a love I will never be myself;
I need your love to heal my heart…please help.
Your love can give me all the wealth;
This love thing can free me from this Hell.

A secret heart is not shatterproof;
A beauty so hard to find is what I find in you.
A date with a destiny that we never knew
And now I know who to love…you are my biggest clue.

In lights I see you immortalized;
So bright you shine new sights into my eyes.
I am telling you I love you; can you send me a sign?
Could you love me too, or shall I just leave and die?

So high with love, so low without;
So happy with you, so sad inside my head.
If I can earn your love, can you tell me how?
I do not want this love to go to waste;
Let this love live and not be left for dead.

The love songs are all about how I feel.
The poet’s words say the words I want you to hear.
Let this not only be a dream and allow this love to become real.
My thoughts I can only share with you,
But only if you stay near.

Love is all about the choices we make;
Do you want my love, for each and every day?
Or shall I just watch you walk away?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

— The End —