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NewAgeOfAnarchy Dec 2014
"People hearts are split between being broken and loved."
Michael Cross Jr.
©2014 copyright Michael Cross
"O, how Light
doth so verily well as Ink
upon canvases of Darkness,
as Darkness
doth so verily the same
by Light.

do I beseech of thee
to speak at any length with me
of this 'good' and 'bad.'
over which you toil yet so."
Let's call it "following a whim~"

*Just in case anyone's curious: the asterisk in the title is wholly intentional as a facetious appeal to a theoretically-requisite-though-nevertheless-inescapably-non-existant footnote of a disclaimer signifying that this is, in fact, somewhat likely to be a hypothetical scenario where someone, for some senseless reason, actually wanted to know the author's viewpoint; or, that it could indeed be otherwise fictitious.

Resemblance to any person, myself or otherwise, is favorable.

Just to clarify. ;)

NewAgeOfAnarchy Nov 2014
When darkness cover the sky, the light creeps though the cracks.
When the light shine in the sky, the darkness walks in the shadows.
They are to be each others shadow forever.
©2014 copyright Michael Cross
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