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This is not what we thought it was
This is not a poem about love
I promised you I would write our love to the stars__
But what could I write if that was not what we thought?

I gave you half of my fried chips
Shared other foods
As my bed and my heart
But all you did was take it and leave
When you felt satisfied.

I don't see the fairness in this
Miss the smell you had in the mornings
Soft maritime lull mixed with pumpkin pie
My favorite childhood memory
I could hear birds singing in my ear
When you whispered at it.

In the end all I had
Was my body thrown into the sea
Tempestuous and deep sea
I could see the lightnings through it
As my body was taken by the waves.

I'm a little drunk, trembling like the touch of your fingers
Before throwing me overboard
Without shouting that there I was
On the verge of drowning.

I asked you before all that
Turn me into the memory you would never ever forget
Lock me in your depths and keep me there
As I will do until I die
Drowned by the love you said it was.
SaintMethyl Aug 2019
Aside the awaited and repetitive crash of the tide,
The shimmering glint of the the adorned moon providing the only light whilst reflecting in to the tall spires of the waves
They cleanse the earth and retreat,
As they pull away they take me adrift.
Consumed by the nature of the movement.
Dragged further in to the omnipotent essence.
For the first time the beauty of the landscape is all too real,
Silhouettes of the stark trees stab out like spears in the sanctuary of the forest.
For habitats teeming with life have never seemed so dead.
I concur with insight that the alienation of this land is merely due to being bred in the unnatural antithesis,
A man of the city can find peace and solace in the strangest places.
Safe in the knowledge nothing can be as uncertain or trivial as what has been left behind.
SH Jun 2019
i would cross seas to **** your demons,
but i am afraid i drowned in the riptide
trying to get to you
What do you think I should
name the poem?
keneth May 2019
you're like poison in my hand
carbon in my blood
death was never this grand
holding your love, but dripping like sand

gulping down gallons of regret
enduring the sting, later we'll forget
as if our souls never met
i never noticed how the world was quiet

could've told me you were gonna run
so I'd never have to dive into these soda cans
our oath to be each other's suns
maybe it only lasted while it's fun
i was at the deep end of the soda cans / silly
It’s funny
I used to read and write
Laugh and type
But now I can’t
I’m falling
And as the frustration grows
Mountainous procrastination as I try to remember
My mind can’t stop writhing

My body moving
Head saying yes
Sentences halved and mashed and forgot
Frantic boredom
As I fill filled space
The wave of papers
Books and words
That I’ve neglected
Hit me greater than before
The yells, tears, bad grades, hurt
Take me all at once
Under water, out again
Some day I’ll drown
I stopped working on this for a while and just finished it. Try to spot the stylistic difference from the times I stopped and started.
Turgut Berk Oct 2018
A taste like a hay,
Nothing satisfies
No one can save me
From my ability to realize.
Internal combustion takes over me,
As I stand on my own;
Trying to keep me down all the time I had myself shown.Β Β Β Β Β 
So, save me from this, make it end? I thought I'd say;
β€œNo, I’d do everything to keep you breathe instead of to live.” It said.
the unbearable dullness of life.
Is there a way of a loving goodbye?,
Far beyond my dream come true?
Is there a reason for my why?
Do you mean the answer is you?

Oh no, no, of course not
Let's heat that water ***
Make it cold when it's hot
Drink me, but touch me not.

Just like the sea,
waves "Hi".
Leave no trace,
as it waves too for "Goodbye"
Terry Collett Sep 2018
Where is she? The view
a wild cold sea. She walked
here once upon this shore.

There is no one here no more.
She liked to swim and wave
to me and call my name.

Empty now the shore none
in sight it's not the same.

We lay on the sands and kissed.
The sea is wild with echoes
and mist. I sought her and
waited and watched and
listened to the wind and gulls
and felt the wind in my face.

She came and lay and kissed
and left without trace. Where
is she? Out There in the cold
wild sea? Will this sea give
up its dead? Was that her
voice calling? What was it
she said? I waited by the shore
distressed and heard her no more.
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