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Turgut Berk Dec 2018
I couldn't create anything but my drunkness,
Why do we need to go away from this madness?
I need to improve it,
I need to challenge it,
But instead, I choose to cry,
Cry as if anyone can hear me,
In this melodramatic kind of me.
I felt as no-one can help me,
Which I was right.
No-one could help me but the red-wine,
Instead of the corrupted earth, we have done.
Turgut Berk Nov 2018
Struggling in my loneliness
As you go away,
Nothing means
While you are away.
The impossibility
That prevents us from being together
Is draining me,
As you hold his hand deliberately.
Turgut Berk Nov 2018
I need no one
Except myself;
No one can threaten me,
As I escape myself
Why do they try it?
Why do they compete
When I run away from them?
No one knows it,
As I struggle with myself.
  Oct 2018 Turgut Berk
Leah Lost
Waiting on your ring
Your silence is deafening
Tick. Tock. Maddening.
Turgut Berk Oct 2018
A taste like a hay,
Nothing satisfies
No one can save me
From my ability to realize.
Internal combustion takes over me,
As I stand on my own;
Trying to keep me down all the time I had myself shown.     
So, save me from this, make it end? I thought I'd say;
“No, I’d do everything to keep you breathe instead of to live.” It said.
the unbearable dullness of life.
Turgut Berk Oct 2018
Sweet agony
Come and take me
Sweet agony
Come and drain me
If you took away the pain from me
My existence would corrupt
So, dear agony
Come and pull me away
Away that far away from here
So that I can bleed;
Without any interfere
An intriguing pain that fires the creativity spark.

— The End —