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Sayer Nov 2013
everything's interesting when it isn't
distant closure fills the void
that i enter every time i move
i feel myself to smooth my body
in the gaudy sort of visions
of people dying on hills

every day feels like the last
and looks like the next
it's not hard to see how much you hate me

bleeding through gifts and embraces and conversations
unlike anyone else i strove to plug in
to you unto you into you
what i'd do

but you turned the cold shoulder
getting older and colder
older and older
and you're getting more and more and more and more and more and more
the same

i don't want your time if you have none to give me
see i believe it when i'm sinking in the depths
among the stars and across bars
i'm sinking into you
and you hate and hate and hate and hate and hate because you're
exactly the same

evil and
abismal as
you hate
about me
as i forget
the words
you're something I never should have had
and never did in the first place
but if you can, for all the things i gave you,
give me something (just see)
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
that you drowned me
drown me
you drowned me
still drown me
Drowned piano, plunging through the depths,
Bubbling out its dark mahogany breaths;
Drowned piano, songs played by the tide
And the harp strings shivering inside.

Drowned piano, the sea's become your hymn,
All about you schools of fishes swim;
Upon your legs, the coral will make a home,
And clams will envy your keys of whiter bone.

Drowned piano, answers a mermaid's prayer;
Startles sea-urchins, with a sight so rare;
Drowned piano, so many miles from shore-
Beloved fingers caress you never more.
Zach Spud Carter Nov 2013
We like to sit together and eat
As a family.
I sit by myself towards the wall
With a half portion.

I'd like a cup of milk with it
And they oblige me.
The chicken is covered in fat
And I don't need that.

My weight means nothing to my gait--
I bounce like a cloud,
My head on my concrete-padded cell
That feel like giggles.

Out the doorway without a door
My friends keep an eye,
Because suicide is no joke
If I could stop laughing

I wanna nap-- no wait, I'll play.
I'll sit through this day
Til I get my shoe laces back:
Then I'll save my day

I drowned my sister twice,
Left hand, then the right.
Bubbles in the water like
A straw in Nesquik

Yeah, it was mean, but I'm nice, right?
We two are buddies,
You look and smell just like Shaggy,
Won't you play with me?

I drowned my sister twice
No, it wasn't nice.
And my brother drowned me must once
And that wasn't nice.

Once, lying under the cotton,
We were joined by Dad.
I kicked and scratched and screamed, "No, no!"
And then it's mumble.

My daddy proceeds to beet me,
And the his scratches...
My legs are boiling brown bruises,
But I'm still nice, right?

I drowned my sister twice
And fought off a shark.
My fists ****** from broken teeth
Start me towards shore.

The shark's mom and dad in pursuit,
I'm nearly done now
When a dolphin comes and saves me!
But never saved her.

I drowned my sister twice
I wrote this based on an observation I did at an intensive mental health facility for troubled kids. I'd like to dedicate this poem to Chris, a loveable young "psychotic" boy.