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Sophia Nov 2019
Toby: I really don't understand how a lot of you are still single. Because you're all attractive and have good taste in music. What more do people want?

Masky: Sanity.

Toby: People are so demanding.
this is a mood lol raise your hands if this is a mood! *Raises hand*
Sophia Nov 2019
You'd become a proxy.
You wouldn't run away from Slendy.
You'd give Red a hug without regret.
You'd tell Jeff he's beautiful.
You'd cheer Sally up if she's crying.
You'd give Masky your cheesecake.
You'd play video games with BEN.
You love Toby's tics and twitches.
You'd be Jane's friend.
You'd dance with Hoodie.
You'd laugh with Laughing Jack.
You'd smile with Smile.Dog
You'd invite Eyeless Jack to dinner.
I personally would do all of these. Especially the Jeff The Killer one.
Sophia Nov 2019
It's hard to be loved,
The horns aren't fake.
My mommy called me a monster,
I'm a mistake.
But Slenderman shows his love,
Jeff shows his care,
Eyeless Jack shows his strength,
While Zalgo wants me to spare.
Lazari is Zalgo's daughter. She's only twelve years old. she's half demon, half human. her mom would chain her in the basement and whipped her on the back with a whip to try and get the demon out of her. on Lazari's 12th birthday, her mom took her by the hand into the woods. Lazari's mom then hung herself in front of Lazari. Slenderman came along and took Lazari as his own. Lazari now lives in the Slenderman mansion with the proxies.
Sophia Nov 2019
I may be a princess,
But watch out for my teeth!
Because i'm a cannibal,
Under my skin and beneath!
So be a dear and...
Go to sleep my prince...
Hey, where did my last boyfriend go?
I haven't seen him since!...
Sophia Nov 2019
I don't know who I am anymore,
Watch out for me!
When Dark Nemesis comes out,
Then you'll see!
My spider helps me eat the humans
We'll roller blade to you.
Watch out for my yoyo
Because it's deadly too!
Sophia Nov 2019
1999 was the year,
My wonderful show was out.
You can watch me torture children,
Hear them cry and shout.
Come and help me be apart of this,
We'll all have fun.
Now excuse me while I get this job done...
Sophia Nov 2019
Violets are blue,
Like the water I fell in
Now it's getting hard to breathe
Where I dwell
So be my gamer girl
And i'll be your gamer boy.
Sophia Oct 2019
What did we do
To deserve this punishment?
We children of the ******

A fate worse than death
Cheated our last breath
We children of the ******

Pain so surreal
Her body will feel
That child that is now dead
The man who killed
Will certainly fulfill
A fate worse than death

An innocent toy
For such a young boy
That child that is now dead
With lungs filled with water
The boy did not falter
A fate worse than death

What did we do
To deserve this punishment?
We children of the ******

A fate worse than death
Cheated our last breath
We children of the ******
Sophia Oct 2019
1,2 I'm coming for you
3,4 Better lock your door
5,6 I hear your footsteps
7,8 Just accept your fate
9,10 I'm under your bed
Sophia Oct 2019
Sometimes I walk at night alone
He follows me home
He follows me home
Sometimes he speaks in mumbles and moans
I mimic his tone
Repeating his poem
Wraps my hands and leads me to his throne
Forever we roam
Forever we roam
He tells me that one day, we'll share a soul
And now I know...
That THIS is my HOME.
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