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Savio Fonseca Jun 14
String Me your Feelings,
on a Chain with Love.
So I can wear it at Night
and sleep like a Dove.
Stitch Me Two Pillows,
in Colors of Blue.
So I can lie down on them
and Dream about U.
Knit Me a Sweater,
to keep Me Warm.
This Winter it's Cold
and I'm expecting a Storm.
Romance Me at Nights,
Once in a While.
As I make Love to U,
it will bring back your Smile.
🕊I miss you more then you could possibly imagine,
there aren't enough stars to guide my way to you.

🕊Missing you is like breathing al tho i wish not to with out you,
but where ever you are i will always keep on loving you.

🕊I'll keep a spot open for you in my heart,
My dearest, my life, my love.

🕊I will always love you, now and forever,
hope to see you again soon, till my heart shredders

🕊You're who i miss, your smile and eyes are the things holding me up.
Till we meet next time my sweet tortel dove.

🕊With full heart: Diegó. P. Siemsen.🕊
Reappak Apr 30
The snow dove sits, unhappy and blue
Sad as fate, inert like a statue
There was no freedom in fate she thought,
Only loneliness and desolation it brought
A way out of hell she thought
Somehow these demons could be fought!
And then an idea struck her mind
How she would leave these demons behind
How she would spread her wings and fly
Free as the diamond, is free from the alloy
She would sing and chant her heart out
It would grant her freedom, no doubt!
PS Apr 21
The world kept moving,
And cows continued mooing.

The sky changed colours,
But the moon remained discoloured.

It had been months,
And all I had heard were my own grunts.

I hadn't stopped complaining,
About my life's failings.

Like one where my romance wasn't returned,
The foolishness that I yearned.

But one night when I layed in bed,
With a quarantined head.

I realised all I needed was love.

To be my own dove.
It's 4 in the morning and my eyes are all red.
Obey the Revealed.
Guiding Hand; Dove with a Branch.
Mystery no more.
Lead me 🙏 Amen
Ayodeji Oje Apr 15
Hot sour liquids
Roll from my eyes
Taking turns
As they roll
On my flooded cheek
Your dark and shine boy
Will not see you again
As you ply the world beyond
I miss the dove in you
To my Dad who departed this world in 2016.
Jenish Apr 11
Windy sunny funny days in hurry
In my home I dine and slept in merry
One day from blue landed on my terrace
Lonely dove came ill and still to scare us.

Not a vet to consult in this dark time
Like a drunkard tripping falling at times
When I lend my helping hand for his lift
Angry murmur heard I while he makeshift.

Like a waiter waited with his grand food
Not a stir or happy face my guest stood
No grain no drink he made for four long days
Little dove saint kept on barring my prays.

Prying peeping praying for his prime life
Hearing, stretching wings he fly heaven safe.
by Michael R. Burch

I did it out of pity.
I did it out of love.
I did it not to break the heart of a tender, wounded dove.

But gods without compassion
ordained: "Frail things must break!"
Now what can I do for her shattered psyche’s sake?

I did it not to push.
I did it not to shove.
I did it to assist the flight of indiscriminate Love.

But gods, all mad as hatters,
who legislate in all such matters,
ordained that everything irreplaceable shatters.

Keywords/Tags: Love, compassion, pity, heart, break, tender, wounded, dove, gods, command, mad, hatters, legislate, sorrow, destruction
I Have a Yong Suster
(anonymous Medieval English riddle-poem, circa 1430)
translation by Michael R. Burch

I have a young sister
Far beyond the sea;
Many are the keepsakes
That she sent me.

She sent me the cherry
Without any stone;
And also the dove
Without any bone.

She sent me the briar
Without any skin;
She bade me love my lover
Without longing.

How should any cherry
Be without a stone?
And how could any dove
Be without a bone?

How should any briar
Be without a skin?
And how could I love my lover
Without longing?

When the cherry was a flower,
Then it had no stone;
When the dove was an egg,
Then it had no bone.

When the briar was unborn,
Then it had no skin;
And when a maiden has her mate,
She is without longing!

This poem was sung in the movie "Animal House" by a college troubadour played by Stephen Bishop. A toga-clad John Belushi destroyed his guitar! Keywords/Tags: riddle, medieval, Middle English, young, sister, cherry, stone, dove, bone
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