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Thekingspen Oct 2020
Slowly, your memory fades
Swiftly, your promises wanes
Trembling in wrath
My words sharp as a sword
To shoot like a gun
But now, you are gone
And I freely moved on
I feel no hurt
I say no curse
Thekingspen Oct 2020
This is my park,
It's in between the pages of a paper
Where I write in large to pour out my heart
The place my peace is found
This is my park, and it's my diary
For every human there's a thing or place we find our inner peace or solace, for me it's writing and my diary is my place of peace.
Thekingspen Oct 2020
Have you ever been at war?
Yes! and not a combat war
In this insane world, I fight to stay sane
I fight a mental war and an emotional wreck
In this cruel world, I fight to stay kind
I fight my way through evil and inhumane
In this world of social and societal comparison
I fight pretence and to remain an original person
I have been at war with depression and mental unbalance
Smiling in your faces and fading away in pieces
I have been at war to uphold my values and principles
In a careless time that sees you as boring and weird
I have won and lost some battles
And, I didn't like the taste of failures and defeat
So, I am going down fighting each day and each war
I have been at war,
one that almost claimed my beautiful soul
Thekingspen Mar 2019
I want to write an epistle
But you love short and sweet
So I wrote this a while ago
With a melody so slow
My music has no tune
I'll sing it for you
Thekingspen Dec 2018
Many a times we water dead flowers while we watch the bloom one whither away
Thekingspen Nov 2018
The night she met her doom
Alone,she walked down the street
To spent The evening in solitude
As the sun had gone east

Beautiful, vibrant and free
Young,wild but a teen
Before her ***** was broken
Her girl pride stolen

John doe hid in the woods
Scrutinizing the neighborhood
For a victim to the terror of his room
And wicked relief of his manhood

Suddenly,her hand were clasped
Mouth gagged,legs trapped
She screamed with no sound
As the beast tore her blouse

15,she was in her prime
16,men took her pride
17,fought to be alive
18,finding a switch to her light

Diagnosed and gifted with fistula
From **** that remains a stigma
The night and woods she will always remember,
As she fights to be a survivor
This is to every **** victims out there,you will find the switch to your light,cure to your curse..Keep fighting, you will win,come out strong..
Thekingspen Nov 2018
Love,it's a testament told
A gift of old, worth more than gold
Love,it's a promise of word
Tales that conquers all

When it seems all odd
I found a man to love
One who sees my naked soul
His perfection with flaws

All the peace of mind I need
Coupled with solace I find in him
Perfect for my being and craziness
Life to my loneliness

Rhythm from his heart are my tonic
Tenor of his voice are magic
Antidote to all the loves
The cure to the wrong ones

He's my comfort zone
My blues when life is low
Love is kind and beautiful
Made but for two..
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