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Thekingspen Jun 2022
As I lay on my bed of restlessness
Dwelling on things I can't control
Thought and worries of the future
That I may or may not be part of

Then comes you,
With your words of ease
And a garment of peace
Assuring me of light at the end of the tunnel

And all I can say is,
Jazakumullah Khairan (May God reward you with Good)
Always remember that even the longest day eventually comes to an end and there's always someone that genuinely care about you
Thekingspen Jun 2022
Dear death,
I have dropped the rope
I have crossed the road
I am at the other side
Where I see life,
As I have always known
With struggles although
But I won't break.
I'll live and thrive
Until my body is weak
And my soul you seek
Till then,

With love and light,
I choose life again
Suicide is not an option
Say No to suicide
Thekingspen Jul 2021
Maybe death is a win.
A win from all the pains
A win from this life of many sorrows and troubles.

Death might not be a win but it's the end of pains and troubles and the beginning of an unknown path.

If there's any ease in death, Rest easy Mom🕊️🕊️
Thekingspen Oct 2020
Slowly, your memory fades
Swiftly, your promises wanes
Trembling in wrath
My words sharp as a sword
To shoot like a gun
But now, you are gone
And I freely moved on
I feel no hurt
I say no curse
Thekingspen Oct 2020
This is my park,
It's in between the pages of a paper
Where I write in large to pour out my heart
The place my peace is found
This is my park, and it's my diary
For every human there's a thing or place we find our inner peace or solace, for me it's writing and my diary is my place of peace.
Thekingspen Oct 2020
Have you ever been at war?
Yes! and not a combat war
In this insane world, I fight to stay sane
I fight a mental war and an emotional wreck
In this cruel world, I fight to stay kind
I fight my way through evil and inhumane
In this world of social and societal comparison
I fight pretence and to remain an original person
I have been at war with depression and mental unbalance
Smiling in your faces and fading away in pieces
I have been at war to uphold my values and principles
In a careless time that sees you as boring and weird
I have won and lost some battles
And, I didn't like the taste of failures and defeat
So, I am going down fighting each day and each war
I have been at war,
one that almost claimed my beautiful soul
Thekingspen Mar 2019
I want to write an epistle
But you love short and sweet
So I wrote this a while ago
With a melody so slow
My music has no tune
I'll sing it for you
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