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Sam  Sep 2016
The Sparrow Speaks
Sam Sep 2016
The dove left awhile ago.
The flamingo stared as it flew away.
The sparrow sat silently,
watching and observing,
Knowing that eventually one would break.
What the flamingo doesn't know, hurts it.
The dove, in fact,has had its wings broken before.
It was said that the wings were broken to no repair.
The dove was paralyzed, could feel no pain.
It was numb, it was in vain.
The sparrow sat patiently on the side.
It helped the dove get back in line,
Time was the true healer.
The sparrow watched as the dove failed,
The sparrow watched as the dove grew,
The most important part,
is that the dove overcame.
Even the sparrow thought there was no return,
though it never said it, it believed it.
Until one day, the sparrow looked out,
and saw the dove flying away.
The dove had healed, the dove was free.
The numbness went down and it began to see.
Now, this is a message for the flamingo to hear,
The sparrow has everything to fear.
The dove never wanted to fly away and not come back,
Yet the flamingo desires exactly that.
The dove was able to overcome their pain,
so I believe the flamingo can do the same.
It takes time, it takes patience,
but in the end, it is worth it.
The world will be clearer, and the flowers brighter.
The sparrow can not wait,
until the day the flamingo can fly away.
But to fly away with its own wings,
with its own strength,
to have overcome this obstacle,
and finally be free.
The sparrow will wait patiently for that day,
Helping all the way.
The flamingo will soar high,
not has high as the heavens,
because it will be low enough to where it can fly back,
Back to where the sparrow sits patiently,
for the help it can give once more.
Serpent King  Dec 2012
The Dove
Serpent King Dec 2012
I have been taken to someplace new, someplace with ample beauty,
Above me, pearly white clouds drift lazily on the clear blue sky,
Below me, luscious grass licks my ankles, blowing in the warm breeze,
Behind me, a clear river flows, its water clean enough to see the trees’ reflection,
In front of me, baby blue mountains pierce the sky in abundant numbers,
To my left, a thick forest of a seemingly endless assortment of trees flourishes,
To my right, a single snowy white dove sits perched on a very large evergreen tree.

The dove lives in harmony with me, alongside me, within me,
The tree on which it rests is the largest tree within my view,
As long as the tree exists, the dove exists; as long as the dove exists, I exist,
The dove and the tree tell a story of great friendship and harmony,
For without the dove, there is no tree; without the tree there is no dove,
I am its only audience, the only one who is listening, yet I listen with great attention,
Their story is that of life: what it was, what it is, what it will come to be.

The sun is rising, but something is different, something is not quite right,
The river exhibits a shade of ****** red; the forest reeks of damage,
The mountains sing a sorrowful tune; the clouds obliterate the sky,
The grass has hardened, now a gloomy gray; the breeze has turned frigid cold,
The dove has gone, its once green home reduced to a defeated ash,
The once great land has vanished, and with it, the feathered wing had vanished too,
For without the dove, there is no tree; without the tree there is no dove.
Jackie Mead Jul 2018
Hi D Raven here again
Remember me, I’m the Vampire people would love to slain.
But 500 years I’ve now had and 500 more I’m destined for.
I’m going to tell you a short tale but be warned it will make your face pale.
So before you turn the page, let me first check your worldly age?
You must of course be twenty one to be included in the fun.
Come children gather closely now, while I stand up and take a bow.
Let the story begin.......

One day whilst at home, cutting chicken off the bone.
In an effort to impress, a lady emporess.
It was getting rather late but after all this was considered a date.
The lady hearing of my good looks, made a phone call and the night was booked.

So here I am all alone, cutting chicken off the bone, when the lights begin to trigger and I hear a womanly voice snigger.
The woman’s voice then says all light and airy, "welcome to your bad fairy".
Thinking I had been set up and someone was playing a trick, again the lights began to flick.
I slowly crept about the room, searching for a weapon, I found a broom.
I waited for the lights to settle just then I heard the whistling of a kettle.
Distracted, I turned around then, I heard another sound, this time it came from the room above, from the Cote where I kept my Pet Dove.

I headed up the stairs steep, to where my Dove I did keep.
I found feathers on the ground, my Dove was nowhere to be found.
My heart was beating out of my chest, until I found my Dove I could not rest.

I ran a few ideas through my mind, trying to forge a plan to find, my Dove.

        MY DOVE, MY DOVE, MY PET  

I ran from room to room, searching high and low but still could not find the Dove that was on my mind.

Returning back to the Kitchen, I found the surfaces all covered in Lichen.
Someone had covered all the surfaces in bright green.
It was a mess like no other I had seen.

Then I heard a womanly giggle and ran towards the sound.
My feet began to slip and slide, I fell to the floor and slid right into the kitchen door.

The woman giggled once again and I wiggled on my belly towards the sound coming from the room with the tele.
What do you think I found?


Sitting on the remote control, turning channels nice and slow.
Hopping from foot to foot, laughing as he does, free from restraints of the Cote above.

What about the green slime, I hear you ask?

Well the Dove had tried a simple task of making some Jelly to eat before the tele.  
It ended up on the floor then I slipped and head butted the door.

I called the Lady Emporess and apologised to her but I had to break our date.
It simply was not within our fate to have this late night date.

Now I am running late for another date, I have a Kitchen to clean, a meal to make and an evening in front of the tele just me my Pet Dove, my best mate.

Well that's all folks for now, I bid you goodnight and take my bow.
Arvind Bhardwaj Mar 2016
One day after working for long I was taking a nap,
A pure white dove in the form of love, came & sitted in my lap.

I was shocked and also amaze,
I never thought about and never craze.

I was thinking what to do, keep with me or let her flew

Suddenly, my attention went on dove,
So sweet & So cute, I gone silent my feelings gone mute.
Heart was beating but mind was quite,
Is this a trap or everything alright?

Leave it and let it be, I thought..

With the passage of nights and days,
I was changing in many ways,
sometime I was dark, sometime I was grey,
I was behaving like an actor in Life's Play.

I was learning new things from dove,
How to Hate and How to Love.
How to accept and How to refuse.
How to have fun  and How to amuse.

I was so happy and so amused.
One day dove came and refused,
Dove said Its the time when I have to fly,
You learnt everything from me, Now learn How to CRY

That was the day when dove left my lap,
I remain silent for a long time gap.

Then I realized, sometime Life teach a lesson in the form of dove,
I learnt what I need, I will win yes indeed.
Riot  Jan 2015
little dove
Riot Jan 2015
little dove
where's your love
where's the smile you're so proud of?
you know good and well you can't fly
without your daily dose of hugs
little dove
where's your laugh
where's your mouth thats fast
little dove
where's your love
where's the wings your so proud of?

do a little trick in the air
show everybody that you don't care
do a little trick in the air
little dove

see how high in the air you can go
see how low to the ocean you can flow
let your wings touch the experiances
little dove
let it go

don't let them win your eyes
there too beautiful to diguise
fix your eyes on the clouds flying by

to let your wings on the ground
is to say you never flew at all
little dove
little dove
you aren't that small

little dove
where's your love
where's the smile you're so proud of?
you know good and well you can't fly
without the love you're so proud of
White dove
The hatred wall
That estranged cousins
Have begun to fall
When love
Incarnated in white dove
Started to fly high
Over Ethiopian- Eritrean sky.

White dove
You are an antidote
Border dispute to solve.

White dove
Ethiopia's  port problem
Eritrea's financial-return
You are sure to dissolve.

White dove
Tourism and trade
Must spur ahead.
So to wipe out
Dislike's filth
Let us put a glove.

White dove
To make up for
Lost resources and chances
Also the two cousins
From dislike to absolve.//
Ethiopia,Eritrea have resumed friend ship after 20 years no-war-no-peace situation
RuiSJ  Nov 2017
RuiSJ Nov 2017
It pried against it all, the little dove.
Struggling versus the barred world it never chose.
Yet it believed,
It loved.
Risked; in spite what wounds that never part.

The little dove, it saved itself
Countless times;
No more, no less.
Eyes water, fall.
Bleeding chest.

Wired, one after another,
Little dove prayed for freedom,
Loud chirping, begging, crying,
These unheard sounds.
Dove is weary of its never-ending hound.

It once loved an owner
But the same feeling wasn’t shown.
Dove, tried to leave but LOVE outgrown.

An innocence of a man,
His eyes caught that beauty.
Now scarred of unwanted love,
Dying without liberty.
“Dove, be free.” he said,
While he unlocked the better gates for the dove to scurry.

Little dove is worn though,
Its wings can’t flex.
It had freed own over and over,
Until hopes are less.
But there will never be a nest;
For it to see beauty,
What true love meant.

The coop was fancy,
Yet it wasn’t home.
At every corner the coldness roars.

But man take him;
His hand of an arm,
An embrace.
It is his warmth that freed it.
Alas! Little dove finally sees,
The world it doesn’t know.
Leaving the broken cages down below.

For the dove, a painful memory.
But a million worth of loss.
From where it is,
The human frames.
It’ll once go back, it promised.
A grateful game.
michael gagain Apr 2013
it seem to me...that on this site
most of you..don't go for fright

you like it cushy....i surly see
the mushy the better...i'll try to be

well here it goes..
i'll do my best
i wan't all the rest

im gonna write a poem
not a rhyme i know em

my first shot at love
you soon will read
i hope you like it
i wanna see

if you like this attempt
at the words that i write
please leave a comment
in the box the night

here is the poem
i promised you all
it's coming right up
i'll no longer stall

to soar in the sky...on the wings of a dove
it's something fantastic
we all call it love

love takes us higher
than we ever been
the dove she will fly
to the great blue and then....
the woman of your dreams
will start her decent

you know love is true
the way she stares at you
you look in her eyes
the prettiest of blue

she tells you she loves you
and you say it back
if your both being honest
the love stays intact

keep the dove airborne..and don't let it land
love needs a chance
to make a firm stand

on the wings of a'll have forever
the love you both share
if you are cleaver

hold on to each other
as long as you can
cause the wings of a dove won't change your flight plan

the coo in the morning ...the dove always makes
will remind you each day
to not make mistakes

be true to your woman
and she'll give it back...
even more for certain
that is a fact

let the dove land gracefully
wings flapping gently
and let your love be...
ravyn  Dec 2018
dead dove
ravyn Dec 2018
dead dove, do not eat

theres a
dead dove in the fridge
i implore you
please do not open the bag unless
you wish to see,
a dead dove

why now are you gagging
and raving
and ranting
about how the dead dove was so unpleasant when you
opened the bag?
did i not warn you?
please do not open the bag unless
you wish to see,
a dead dove

oh, now you complain of
taste and texture!
the dead dove was the
most disturbing of meals
and how could i
have fed you that
it was you
who opened the bag
despite warnings and pleading of
please do not open the bag unless
you wish to see,
a dead dove
i like the phrase dead dove
The Dedpoet Jan 2016
To the warmth of life
And passing through with grace
Of a woman in hand under veil,
Lavished in her unconquered beauty,
Enamored with her saving grace
Amid the elation of first kiss,
Under the spell of first eternity.

And through the veils of silence
When the swarm of sounds of
Making love have devoured the hours
And he stares into fertile eyes,
The truth of his belief in them,
And the prelude to forever's nest,
The dove returns upon white unifications.

But soon the dove will deny the embrace,
And the cold lonesome dove
Will be forgotten in the skies blue,
The touch of ****** prowess ,
The soft moist of lips that convened
A destiny of adornment with kisses
So deep and meaningful that it vibrates
Through times like a phantom flame
From forever's fire,
The bitter flight of the dove with passion
To ravage her body,
Upon the return open does the veil.

Before passion abandons,
Let them return home to nest
The kisses from that eternal night,
That journey for the taste your
Of your sanguinary fruit
Provoking the eternal flight.

Before her lips close at the dove's
Return, lift the veil of forever
On the romantical threshold,
The death and purity,
The light and the venom,
What white veils may hide.
jonni inferno Jul 2018
i met her    
in a waking dream    
as i walked beside    
the sylvar stream    
whose chattering laughter    
shifted suddenly    
into a sylvar pool    
of enchanted silence    
a mirrored glaze    
in muted    
dawning rays    
her cascading mane    
a crimson flare    
sea-green eyes    
alluring stare    
my heart stopped    
to see her there    
'pon a verdant garden lee 
the misting sylvar mere    
the weeping willow trees    
dahlia lips    
whispering desire    
vermilion plunder splayed    
by her charms    
heart pounding    
i stay    
an' wi' faire
lithesome beauty lay    
'pon a lush an' vibrant field    
the misting sylvar mere    
the weeping willow trees    
we lay there    
lost in time    
in the silence 
of kindred minds    
an' i knew her name    
tho she spoke it not    
sipped i then
the misty morning dew    
from precious lips
that from me drew    
all that i    
ever thought    
or felt    
or knew
'pon the grasses lush and green    
the softly glowing mere    
the weeping willow trees    
soft sings    
the whippoorwill    
the meadowlark    
an' mourning dove    
their voices weaving spells    
for lover's yearning hearts    
in the meadow    
by the way    
where my love an' i    
do lay    
'pon the gleaming sylvan shore    
the shining crystal lake    
the weeping willow trees    
the dawning days    
were passing
when came malevolence    
a thund'ring tempest    
lightnings flashed
in ragged gashes
'cross the heaven's    
stygian passes
an' from those
gnawing caverns
a raging
demon's brood
an' down flew they
by the sylvar stream
where my love
and i
did lay
the mystic sylvar lake
the weeping willow trees
then from my arms    
vile creatures tore    
my lifesong    
my heart's blood    
my one    
and only love
her scintillating form    
they ripped    
her silent
piercing cries    
thru my soul
an' took her they  
far from this    
desert shore    
as her soundless    
chorus fades    
an' leaves me
here alone    
to lay    
'pon these shifting lifeless sands    
this sylvar lake of tears    
the weeping willow trees    
the meadowlark    
her spellsong sings    
thru ebon winter's    
the silver stream    
her laughter froze    
this heart    
once fire    
a soulless stone    
so now this raven
doth fly
to scour the bruised    
an' shadowed skies    
to find my dove    
an' bring her home    
to lay
'pon these frozen brittle stones
the darkened sylvar tarn
the weeping willow trees    
thru timeless age    
an' dangerous realms    
i followed    
her silent    
as her grisly    
mewling pleas    
hollowed out my soul    
'til at last    
i found her    
chained an' bound    
deep within    
peculiar planes    
an' baneful realms    
far from    
the laughing sylvar stream    
far from    
the weeping willow trees    
her lament    
of bitter tears    
an' fear    
thru my defenses    
a doomed    
pernicious heart    
she was    
thru deepest depths    
where madness reigns    
all hope destroyed    
hell's minions    
my dove    
called i    
my love    
'tis i    
once more    
thrice more  
and time again    
till finally    
she hearkened    
to my voice    
true love    
recall us    
you and i    
thru ageless realms    
consider us    
under heaven's wings    
at my fingertips

an' i  
drew her then    
into my arms    
ambrosia lips    
her sweet alms    
from her dark pain    
i did drink    
of her    
malignant sorrow    
i did partake  
my questing    
thirsting hunger    
did i sate  
gathering all    
her shattered pieces    
from those altered    
now broken    
i carried her
'pon wings    
of true love's    
sylvar light    
far from    
these darksworn legions    
the dawning night's    
farthest regions    
an' there    
close by    
the laughing    
sylvar stream    
lay her gently    
'pon the verdant flowing shore    
our gleaming slyvar mere    
our weeping willow trees    
under glimmering    
starlit heavens    
the whippoorwill    
the meadowlark    
an' mourning dove    
whose soulful songs    
for yearning lovers    
charms of hope    
where pools    
the laughing    
sylvar stream    
whose mirrored gaze    
draws us deep within    
as the wind    
thru our hearts  
as we lay entwined    
'pon a verdant garden lee    
our misting sylvar mere    
our silent    
willow trees    
p j upchurch
Mysterious Aries Aug 2016
The dove is not ready to fly
Not ready yet for goodbye
Many dreams must to fulfill
Have shown not his best skill

The dove is not ready to fly
Oh please! Not today, not tonight
Must freed what his life embraced
The hellish art made must be erased

The dove is not ready to fly
At this time he will not reach the sky
Hadn't yet shared the delicious bread
The new wisdom fathom hasn't spread

The dove is not ready  to fly
Tears are flowing into his eyes
The dove is not ready to take wing
From his dying body and bruised skin


— The End —