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Love is when you can't control your fast beating heart
Your sweat from the stress
The amount of words you can't digest
And the physical excitement from your body.
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2014
Will you ever remember
The Spring times
We swallowed butterflies so often
Our stomachs refused to digest them
And the cold Winter days
The sun hid behind the clouds
And cried heavy rain
Utterly jealous of the heat
We made each other feel.

Will you ever remember
The early mornings
You swore
Your love was pure
And each time
You promised me eternity

Because this is not what I see
Nor is it what you want of me.

Abdullah Ayyash Oct 2014
Writing something when you're full
Makes you mix up lion with bull
When you stay off the kitchen
Your stomach feels some itching
Later maybe have some tea
Having too much makes you ***
Take some time to digest
This way you can say the best
© Copyrighted
Abdullah Ayyash
October 17th, 2014
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2014
It's funny how inhaling poison
can seem adequate enough
to fill up your time

I do remember when your tongue
tasted like toothpaste and nicotine
and I ****** on it
as if trying to steal your pain away
and swallow it.
But all my stomach had to digest
was silent words
that I am still hungry for
and a desire
for you to stop hurting yourself
and me.

But all you do
is smoke one cigarette after the other
with such nonchalance.


— The End —