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Thurston May 23
Today,  time can stop;
the talk and the clock.
Some place still where I have to be.
A sunburnt plenum,
O' darkened room.
The vision is clear to see.

Known, bore unknown,
Once again known,
Echos evoke and distill.
Amid precious joy-
Time chased as a boy
Life's within me at will.

To haul at lifeline,
A lot closer to this,
Makes the valves of my heart start to weep.
Shadows of love,
Arise to remiss,
Cast within combers at Sea.

Maroon silhouette set
soft against red,
Whilst falling fevers invade.
The brighter they burn,
The closer I get,
Never will, these flames ever fade.

Nor hard to find,
the span of my spine,
The scarring of spirit is harsh.
High pleasure and pain,
Coerce through my veins.
All for what penetrates a heart.

Twice-over sublime,
Salvation does chime,
The colour, the warmth and the Love
Before the rewind,
blinks back in my mind.
Today, and for all I dream of.
The collections of memories throughout Life and it's value.
Thurston May 22
I have spent my time,
crawling through its dirt;
creeping in gutters;
a tough skin beneath
sequins of colours.

You all know me;
close to the ground;
so rarely seen;
since time began;

Under rocks,
Or shuffling
busy feet;

the sky.


through sand.

Shedding skin;
Staying the
same within.

On grounds when stirred;
Venonous strike!
One last squeezed wish.
Cold blood delight.

unclean, yet I feel
all - everything but
how I wish for the
Soul of the Eagle.
Different Souls, Different Goals.
Thomas Goss May 21
a sculpture of melting ice
evokes the elegance
of your face

you rise from my inner canvas
like ancient architecture

a flurry of tender brush-strokes
summons the beckoning lines
of your supple body

luxuriant fields of wildflowers
suddenly surround the walls
of my castle of thought

as the trembling landscape
of the present crumbles

nostalgic rivulets of silver and jade
transport me to an island universe:

here all that remains
of the space-time continuum

is the sweet coo of your voice
and the cool crisp glow

of midnight snow
Charlotte T May 21
Did it shake you the way it shook me?

An arcane dialect we both learnt in that era,
and over those months
we spent calling each other
that feeling I had for you became no longer arcane
but all too common.
It grew outdated.

Did it shake you the way it shook me?

Perhaps the exciting feeling of newness masked our deep incompatibility.
Following the first kiss
the feeling grew
stale between us;
it was no longer special.
I was no longer yours
and you were no longer mine.
A feeling I have found in lovers after you,
though surely new.

Why did we stay?

Did it shake you the way it shook me?

Misfortunes in
misplaced desire
misplaced passion
have taught me that
It’s okay to ask for more than pretty and kind,
That I do not have to hurt because our hearts don’t reflect.

Did it shake you the way it shook me?
MP Martinez May 21
rose-tainted lips
what does the pomegranate taste?
you born with crown upon your head
choose the darkness instead

flowers upon your wake
wilted as you walk ahead
yet only the pomegranate remains
standing tall with arms spread

oh dearest Persephone my goddess
didn't you know you had been deceived?
the seeds you ate tasted so sweet
was just a trap, a sin for you to commit

what really bind you two wasn't love
but the fruit that bore his darkest desire
desire to have you by his side
the warmth that his world never had
and the pomegranate laugh
Greek mythology inspired.. Hey I'm back
Her eyes manifest an endless Ocean of desire,
which made her soul wear a passionate attire.

She wanted to achieve, dance, fly freely, all at the same time,
Everything would be charmed be the sound of her sonorous chime.

Her desires were the first step towards her success and achievements,
Not only that, but it also made her quite ardent.

The desire might be immature, maddening or irrational, but were countless,
Thinking about the same, sometimes, she used to get anxious.

She forgot every other things which didn't relate to her passion,
Be it, food, travelling, friends or fashion.

All because of her desire,
All because of the achievements she wanted to acquire.

The ocean of desire was everlasting and vast,
It made her live more in the present rather than the past.

Her eyes manifest an endless ocean of desire,
which made her soul wear a passionate attire.
Carlo C Gomez May 19
God bless wartime for lovers
And the heart's desire
For all things ammunition

The seminal spark
Of randomology
Runs as an aqueduct
To the mothership
Fascination is found
In strangeness
And its sister's alien sigh

The fun of fear
Is teeth and biomechanics
And morbid curiosity
Of what lurks in the brazen alcove

Abducted on Sunday morning
Returned in time for kickoff
Dressed like a fugitive
With a hole in your head
Souvenir of the brave and the new

The body's warm jets
Begin to stir as a powder keg
Any kind of love you've had
Is always far sweeter as a memory

A memory, angel
Inspired by Madilyn Cook's poem with the same title.
Far May 17
Consume me.
Your devilish charm.

Devour me.
Your beautiful song.

Ravage me.
Your great mind.

Use me.
Your mystical shine.

I'll be yours.
You be mine.
A masterful depiction of one's carnal thoughts and words during a time of lust and ****** engagement.
The Sky Was Turning Blue
by Michael R. Burch

Yesterday I saw you
as the snow flurries died,
spent winds becalmed.
When I saw your solemn face
alone in the crowd,
I felt my heart, so long embalmed,
begin to beat aloud.

Was it another winter,
another day like this?
Was it so long ago?
Where you the rose-cheeked girl
who slapped my face, then stole a kiss?
Was the sky this gray with snow,
my heart so all a-whirl?

How is it in one moment
it was twenty years ago,
lost worlds remade anew?
When your eyes met mine, I knew
you felt it too, as though
we heard the robin's song
and the sky was turning blue.

Keywords/Tags: love, reunion, reconnecting, rekindling, desire,  renewal, attraction, kiss, winter, embalmed, spring, hope, resurrection, happiness, joy
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