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Desire is dope
I might get addicted, I find
If I become dependant
And let it take over my mind

It would become my everything,
I would want nothing else
I would take desperate measures
To feed the cravings of myself

I don't think I want to go down that path
And when you ask, sweep it under the rug
Desire is dope, but no thanks,
I don't do drugs.
Don't do drugs, kids
Desire 2d
[Be] the sun that [still] shines on rainy days.
The anesthesia is setting in.
I can feel the numbness spreading through my limbs.
All the pain and struggle of the past is being clouded over now that I’ve given way to the same destructive desires.
It’s like nothing means anything anymore, but consequence every single broken moment still requires.
I don't know how conviction will find me in this crowd.
A man sits at the edge and stares at the wall
A door closed here, a doorman too tall.
You can’t pass, No reason to be told
But do stay here, the door may open before you grow old.

Restless is this man,
Let me cross this wall, I may already be late
The water is flowing on other side while deserts lay here
Shade of Green trees on other side, the sun burning men here
Storms stay silent here while the breeze sings on other side
Oh. Please let me pass.

Frustrated with silence, Man decides to force his way through
Probably the hammer will break this wall, maybe the keys will open this door
Maybe the tunnels will find their way and the ropes their hold
May the lies convince the doorman, May the ladders make me rise.

He brings his powerful hammer, all his keys and his ropes
Prepares his ladders and tunnels, with lies full of hopes.

The doorman laughs at the man, what makes you so hopeful
You know nothing of other side.
The water flows on other side but maybe drinks are not for you
The trees are indeed green but perhaps shades are not for you
Breeze does sing there but the songs are not for you

Oh mighty doorman, but my heart is set
How can I go back now, the lies have been told
May be there is no hope and no more truths to unfold
May be this wall is the end and its grandness my fold
But I still open my cards, for this beauty mesmerizing my mind
Waiting for me, singing in the trees, drinking my wine….
Chris 5d
Walk through walls where nothing is flawed.
Walk because there is no door.
Ask the lips of golden ire to start the sacrificial fire.
Ask because you are desire.

Lye with foes with shining ******.
Lye because that is the door.
Look for planes where man gets slain.
Look because you are The Flame.
*النار = Alnaar, The Fire, *One of the Arabic terms for *****
all the world delight
then **** lose their flames
too blinded from her light
beneath that mortal frames
near the statue of armed knight
she surround me with her arms
a silent voice and pausing harp
stooned world in every mark
as piece of love and piece of fear
with shiny eyes a modest grace
to hold my hands on the holy spear
there came and looked me on the face
fragrance of her Move strtched the air
touching all impluses between the heart and sens
beats the life and hurrying near
a schem of heavens as long she wins
with the dew drops on the iced lips
as there is alot of things we wouldn't to hold
Such A beautiful kiss drags the souls
and A desire Drives the bodies Like dolls
she takes Control with her Romantic Cords
While Astonished World Without The Words
and the perfect sky That has the mood
the blue sky had the fusion with red
as long we shared everything we had
felt the price to be in the heavens sky
and she got me to **** where I can't die
far distance between the colors I have made
and that feelings our cure to never fade
To Travel Along With her on That Side
With A Silent Music We Went Wild
To realise there is nothing still to hide

Author/ Aladdin Aures H.
Cold, as the night flows like fire in my veins
Pulsing like the wildest of heart beats
Floundering in violent rhythms of ****
Vigorous and filthy, dancing in the dark
Alive in the heart of night

Free, as aurora kisses the night sky
Glowing like a vehement warmth of euphoria
Compulsive, as the stars are shining vice
Howling in the mists of passion
Feeling a thrill, like on a great hunt
Where the drums are roarings of desire
Made out of violent delights
Laying on thunders of eternal love
Raving in the hug of moonlight
Alive in the heart of night.
Ormond 5d
Because she could not see—
Song in flower, light in lovers abed,
Dream unfolding as we touched,
Because her great beauty was gifted
It was unfelt, undeserved, shunned,
Making her even more irresistible.

Because I could not hold on to self,
Beside such dream, lost to my hands
As prints clutched into the ruin dark
Of her indifference, I made peace
With subjugation and humilities riven
Out of soul and flesh and hollow being.

Because we were unknowing, each
A foil unto ourselves as we cried—
This then was daymare riding in sun,
Twin delusions in oft reign of blood,
O what stories we both shall die to tell,
How the itch of desire scratches bare
Whole psyche as it writhes in a shell.
Sarah 6d
I envy those who know what they want
Or those who don't, but have multiple shots
But here I am
With no desire, with no chances
Holding on to the dice with trembling hands
Gambling with my life.
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