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Sara Kellie May 2018
Kiss my bloodied lips before you go.
Remember darling, you reap what you sow.
I gave you that warning a few years ago.
So what's coming to you, you already know.
Now close your eyes and hold on tight.
I'll make it quick when I put out your light.
When you are gone, I might shed some tears.
Remembering back, we had some good years.
You chose a new ally, you made a mistake.
It won't take you long to realise he's fake.

Poetry by Kaydee
The bloodier the poem the better the therapy and yes, she's still alive.
In fact, the poem titled 'Natalie' is about her. We are also still married!
You see, therapy through poetry really works.
Written in 2012.
Rachiel  Dec 2018
The five "C's"
Rachiel Dec 2018
Thursday morning delight.
Coffee - makes my entire day!
Cake - baked to make the world a better place!
Cats - furry, lovable creatures!
Chemistry - there exists nothing without it!
C* - You made the five "C's" possible!
So good yet so wrong.
Lexi Guffey  Mar 2018
Lexi Guffey Mar 2018
A slamming door
laced with fear
a swinging fist
met with tears //denial//
The sun in him she claims to see
feels more like wildfire
scorching her soul,
a gentle touch to hide a liar //denial//
She chokes as his fingerprints
are seared into the notches of her spine
“It’s okay” and her friends believe
but from her mind there's nowhere to hide //denial//
Razor blades and alcohol
turn nightmares into dreams
she lets blood take wine and whiskey and gives
voice to silenced screams //denial//
Darkness seeping through the cracks
lies burning her throat as they hang in the air
blind eyes reopened
to see the love no longer there //denial//
Moving out and moving on
bruises fading from her skin but not her mind
her trust doesn’t come easy anymore
for men have been all but kind //denial//
Doctors notes and glistening eyes
four agonizing letters declare she’s broken
“PTSD” looks so harmless
but fails to show the fear left unspoken //denial//
Therapy sessions and sleepless nights
to convince her that four letters don’t determine her worth
a smile cracks her face for the first time in a while
a healing heart to reunite with the earth //deni(reviv)al//
(((((THE POET IS NOT ALWAYS THE SPEAKER))))) just a friendly reminder, thanks for reading!
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