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arian Mar 3
i drowned myself in sorrow just to talk to you
but you were quiet.
anything hurts less than the quiet.
arian Feb 15
"write something about me," you said.

"i can't. i can only write when I'm sad," i explained.

"that's sad," you said,
"you won't be able to write for the rest of your life now that I'm here."

oh, only if you knew i wrote a lot about you, i could make a book.
didn't know you were fluent in lies.
arian Feb 13
your life must be interesting
that you can't control your beasts,
and you blame others.
arian Jan 20
I'm just a body
Who doesn't speak for itself.
I'm just a body
Who doesn't see the world as it is.
I'm just a body
Who doesn't know how much feelings is too much
Until it feels empty.
I'm just a body
Whose touch destroys what it touches.
I'm just a body
Who wanders the dark alleys
Whose soul left a long time ago.
i'm probably only an object for people to use.
arian Jan 11
these silhouettes strolled across, through the creaking bridge,
walked on it as if they didn't notice the noise,
stepped on it like they knew which path to take next,
but one thing they knew was that they had to cross over
without knowing it would break and took them down
and fed them to the raging waves below.
arian Jan 8
the traffic in your mind must have been so busy lately,
i couldn't even cross it and still can't.
guess i'll be late (again).
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