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Poetic T Jan 2018
It weeps flakes of time on the
unforgiving floor below....
     like leaves never fading
              stagnant greens linger
deformed by there empty moments

Contorted panels showing the pain
of there absence from the world.
              A glass panel cracked beyond
its sight, distorted reflections collect
fractured rainbows never reaching
                                      there *** of gold.

When the wind cuts upon its shadow,
   this door creaks open, falling to splinters
beyond its creation there is nothing waiting
just an empty space...
           Shut for so long lingering in denial
that beyond it lies nothing of interest..
    it lays on its hinges, a dead tree felled...
Deadwood Haiku Feb 2017
kid yourself 'bout your
behavior and you'll never
learn a ******' thing
Deadwood Haiku Dec 2016
do not ****** me
as i sleep and i will not
try to ****** you
steve the drunk
Deadwood Haiku Dec 2016
and if you have a
thing, the reason for the thing
is that you have it
Deadwood Haiku Apr 2016
prostrated by the
agonies of the ******, a
molar rotted through
Deadwood Haiku Apr 2016
'twas all on account
of some handsome young woman
i weep and lament
Deadwood Haiku Aug 2015
i'm not the fine man
you take me for... i owe nine
dollars to a *****
Some Broken-Necked Hooplehead
Deadwood Haiku Aug 2015
don't spread your legs for
'em yet, not with mexico
yet to be heard from
Deadwood Haiku Aug 2015
a pinch of truth must
season every falsehood or
the palate rebels
Deadwood Haiku Jul 2015
a human being
in his last extremity
is a bag of ****
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