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Nylee May 28
All the five hundred drafts and counting
I am so bad at finishing
Each line lyric rhyme
Hoping for a masterpiece
Or a mirror to my mind
Nothing is certain till it ends
And it twists all the thought.

A surprise for few lines
An emotion to hide
Many people to confide
Some memories to write
A few to ignite
Each word to choose
and another to bind.

Inert satisfaction
a final completion
First to last transition
Inking blues
And curves in precision
An unknown outcome
Likesome to troublesome
to be posted on a wall
Anya Oct 2018
At a certain
point in our lives
There's no more
"free time"
The closest thing
would be
Or only long term deadlines
We may
have "breaks"
But even if it takes a
We're still on the train
of life
Chugging away
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
I mean I started it
and the end is in sight
it just seems like such waste of time
all for a period
to start anew
SQUID Aug 2017
Sometimes I don't finish
Some things I begin
Somehow, sometimes,
Something ATE it!

— The End —