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Nylee Aug 2017
Writing empty lines
Filling them with enough spaces
Fitting them on an entire page
lines reflecting my thoughts

Pen curves at the end
dance around the beginning
blue blots of ink
a pattern on the paper

Deciphering the hidden meaning
it counts up to zero
it is but to pass the hour
but time is not really passing

My mind leaves my mind
reaches a full stop .
It starts again
to reach an another dead end .

Words leave , as they come
They began just to stop
I cannot rely on them
where are they right now?

These empty lines
so clear and careful
better than the image in my head
Says more than that can be said .
Vlassis Jun 2017
What are you scared of?
The plenty?
or the scarcity?
Who needs another lover?
We want to feel but we afraid the scars.
Make me laugh, make me cry,
make me live beyond my blank page.
I don't want a life of full
I want a life full of you.
I love dead ends when it comes to you
there's nowhere else I wanna go.
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Vlassis Jun 2017
She said to me
I keep a special place for you in my heart
and in a heartbeat I found her riding the clouds
At first, I thought she left
the time bent, I met my present and my past
into that moment
I saw no future, not that I cared anymore
Winters came and went
Summers burnt my face and freckled my back
I said I'll try to find the  place she has for me
fool as I am
I wander the world looking for sights
I tremble the sounds of the rain
I sip the colors of the sunset
Where is this place in your heart
where is this place where you keep me
devastated I am
blind with my wide open eyes
mute with a loud scream coming out my lungs
deaf in this noisy fair
I feel her presence everywhere
You keep a special place in your heart for me
a place where is everywhere.
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Paul R Hensley Dec 2016
McDonald's not the place
That miserable place,
The place I  work at,

Don't get me wrong,
It puts bread on the table,

This drama that people throw at you,
It's really just poppycock,

The job is too easy,
Just press a button,

like the easy button
Wish I had a mute button
So I can silence the clicking of these buttons..

-Paul R Hensley |||
STLR Nov 2016
Stuck in skirmish of working this

I'm intricately plotting my escape with detail

Now see well
it's time for an alternative path
One that I believe, achieve then kick ***

This ***** whack
working hourly wages
I'm Turning time into sand,
with people who won't make it

Reality is a series of obstacles
Let's face it

My sanity is slipping like
Like **** on black latex

How can I ******* break this
I've become a statistic
a realistic typical stereotype

I fantasize on the daily
wishing I can take Ariel flight

How can I steer clear of these mundane communications
slab-faced coworkers &
there basic conversations

I'm tired of it, I'm tired of it
I'm done with it...
No more giving a ****
Now it's time to resist
These urges of being someone
Who settles & simply quits

I seek to strive for more
My motivation is too legit
My skills are beyond eons
I will conquer with fist
No more being a peon
Dance then do a flip
Celebrate like I'm Deion

For this year will test
my patience & true potential
to many years guiding this pencil
Into oblivion

Blank spaces and synonyms
Wordplay over wordplay
Metaphors for my residents  
Letters create earthquakes
Echoes create resonance

I from art in sentences
This residue is my evidence
Illya Oz Jul 2016
I hear the creaking of a door in my mind.
I couldn't help but feel inclined,
To look behind,
And see what I might find.

But I did not think,
that it would be my well of ink.
I couldn't help but make a link,
To an old kitchen sink.

When I saw that inkwell,
I needed to quell,
The fear that fell,
Upon me as my very own barbell.

I knew what it mean,
And that it was not its intent,
To torment,
But I wish that it would relent.

So I could just spend,
Sometime to amend,
And apprehend,
The part of me that has reached a dead end.
'Kitchen sink' is a reference to the song by twenty one pilots that I recently listened to.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I look back on years gone by
Trying to figure out the how and why
How we clung to each other trying to easy the pain
We clung to each other in the cold November rain
The rains have come around again this year
All alone I'm standing here
Head held down
As this cold *** rain splatters on the ground
Making puddles at my feet
As I travel down this dead end street
The cold penetrates my bones
For your not here I'm all alone
Your memories can't keep me warm
Only images of you in my mind are formed
They where desperate times for you and me
But looking back I can clearly see
We where never ment to be
I was only a life raft in your troubled sea
I wish I'd known then I was just your crutch
That I didn't mean that much
For now the only sound that resounds
In this frozen heart of mine, is this cold November rain falling down
K Balachandran Nov 2015
Fallen deeply in to a pit, devoid of words,
           marked by shrapnels of  silence,that repeatedly explode,
her soul in pain, yearned to caress him once again
            with fingers of repentance, rekindle the love frozen
but then, he wasn't moved by the tender feeling
              to seek or grant forgiveness  for old times sake,
wearing  a crusted armor, he had crossed the Rubicorn,
              that subtle level where such things of heart matters.
Wide Eyes May 2015
With a frustrated sigh, she decided to wash her face,

The soap could seep through her flawed skin.
It could carry away with it the filth and the dirt that had gathered on her face through the day.
The gushing water and the bubbly soap could do wonders, but

Could the soap seep through her flawed mindset?
Could it carry away with it the desolation and the loneliness that had gathered in her heart through the day?
Her gushing passion and her bubbly persona could do wonders, but

She pulled her hair back with a frustrated sigh, and decided to wash her face.
Poetic T Apr 2015
Checkmate was the moves that followed me,
Each was noted as if known before I had stepped,
Frustration gained pace upon my fragile self.
Motion seemed stagnant and still,
My life was a dismal stalemate of defeat.
When all life feels like is a failure that builds upon each fall
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