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Euphie Jan 10
I enjoy many things about you.

The three undone buttons on your
white collared shirt.

Your collar bone peaking from behind
the strips of fabric.

Your large hands and messy chocolate hair
Gianna Dec 2018
your honey and milk skin
against my lips
wait, nevermind
i’m just daydreaming again
will i ever be able to call you mine?
Little grains of sand,
Slipped through my fingers;
As I dwell on my dreamland,
I couldn’t help but linger.

What if no evil existed?
What if there was no bond of adoration?
Into this philosophical flow I was drifted.
With no awareness of the duration.

I settled in this realm of imagination.
Where there is no order of creation.
Where I am ignorant of all mortal’s complication.

Out of the blue, I felt a tap on my shoulder,
I turned around;
It was a reminder,
That I am still on this simple,beauteous ground.
Thoughts in class, on the road, on the beach, asleep...etc
B Oct 2018
300 miles from where I’m supposed to be.
Living a life I never thought I would.
Missing the smallest moments.
Daydreaming about what could’ve happened.
If I wasn’t 300 miles from where I’m supposed to be.
nautiluspoetry Oct 2018
Crisp bread and lazy mornings,
Red wood and yellow fields,
Those are all the things
I want to share
With you.

Sitting by the fire,
Coming home in the evening,
Walking on the wooden floor,
That’s what I want to share
With you.

While being on a bus ride
Into the unknown,
I’m fantasizing
Of how beautiful life were
With you.

And as strange as it should
Seem to me,
I think,
I really could be domestic
With you.

// those are all the things or Swedish daydream – nautilus poetry
Hanna Oct 2018

you call me crazy,
but fantasy
is better than
what life has given me.

- H
Sean Devlin Oct 2018
Theres a light in your room I see from my rooftop tomb
Watching the shadows along the wall
and I know I should look up at the moon
But when I do I’m just waiting for it to fall

They said it takes some time to get over the loss
But thats a mountain I can’t seem to scale
They swore that another would come to take your place
But all those who’ve tried have failed

I find myself laying in the grass at night
Hoping that it pulls me into the grave
To feel such a strong deep embrace
And have nothing left to say
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