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wren Sep 2023
i'm sitting across from you
black coffee in your hands (as usual)
sugared syrup (your words) in mine
a little small talk and catching up
we smile the same dogtoothed smile
it's like no time has passed

i've missed you
(we are avoiding the reason)
(we'll never see eye to eye on it anyway)
i've missed you too
we both feel the time that's passed

we finish our coffee (not too quickly)
you hug me and i hug you back
(i haven't hugged back in so long)
salt-sprinkled beard scrapes my head
i think too much time has passed

wren Jun 2021
the forgotten child is nearing the end of their adolescence.
these thoughts have swam inside them for a decade
rumbling, roaring, ramming against their barricade
it was not me that was forgotten, but the naïve child inside me
i've spent a decade reserving my right to tell the awaited rescuer
that the child and i prefer to stay at our safe haven.

i am a body of 22, but a mind of 12
naïve 12 turned pitiful, pessimistic 14 turned people-pleaser 17
turned naive 18 turned pitiful, pessimistic 20 turned
please just come back, why did you never come back

i'll never stop wondering why i had to create my own safe haven
i've spent a decade reserving my right to turn away my wrongdoer
it's silly of me to think that you returning makes you a rescuer
nature versus nurture, a baby bird kicked from the comfy nest
a decade-long vacation from being a parent, abandoned until i grew
the forgotten child is nearing the end of their adolescence.
wren May 2015
She doesn't know
But I think I love her
And I think that I want her
To be mine
She doesn't know
But talking to her
Makes me smile like
I've just won the lottery
She doesn't know
But even writing this
I get a pang in my stomach
From a storm of butterflies
She doesn't know
But no one compares to her
She doesn't know
But everyone else does
wren Nov 2014
Your words melted from the heat of your mouth
and dripped from your tongue.
The syllables sounded like gunshots firing from your lips
dropping against the ground with a metallic thud.
How many times have you performed this execution?
Deep down I knew you were a fox and I was a rabbit
but I never thought you would stop my heart in such a way.
My heart stuttered when you said my name
but now the mention of yours freezes me
like the cold that creeps into a lifeless body.
You always said you had no soul
but with every death you leave in your wake,
you collect yet another.
I remember begging you to stop speaking
to stop reloading your bullets.
But what's the point when you already planned
to leave me behind, struggling to breathe?
wren Nov 2014
It's been really chilly lately,
as if the sun has ceased to give off heat.
If I were yours, it would be easy
to talk about holding you to share warmth.
And maybe it's worth noting that
my heart beats faster as I write this.
But as the leaves fall and flowers
begin to die off, I begin to
think I've been beat.
Because God knows she's
better than this bitter
autumn and girl.
So maybe it isn't worth mentioning
at all that your voice was the
highlight of my day.
In conclusion, all I've learned
in this frigid season is that my heart
warms too quickly to strangers.
wren Aug 2014
7:14 PM //
Will you marry me?

                                                                                             7:38 PM //
        Yes. Not today though, it would be dark by the time we got home.

2:30 PM //
Marry me

                                                                                            2:35 PM //
                                                                                                     One day

6:50 PM //
Marry me

                                                                                            6:50 PM //
                                                                             I can't today, but I will

2:14 PM //
Will you marry me

                                                                                           2:16 PM //
                                                                  Yes. It's too hot today though

2:17 PM //
I got a bag of cheetos I've been trying to finish for like 3 days can we get married when I'm done with the bag

                                                                                           2:20 PM //
                                                                                         I guess we'll see

6:27 PM //
Will you marry me
                                                                                           6:28 PM //
                                      I'm not dressed well enough but yes, eventually

6:29 PM //
I'd marry you in pajamas and you'd still be absolutely stunning

                                                                                           6:30 PM //
                                                                                             You're lovely

11:42 PM //
Lets get married
                                                                                          11:43 PM //
                                                        If you insist. It's kind of late though

11:43 PM //
It's daytime somewhere

A week or so ago, I started collecting screenshots of when my girlfriend asks me to marry her, which is literally once a day. So this is what I have.
wren Aug 2014
2:00 A.M //
I do this some nights
Wish for you to come back
When I feel lonely.
But I'm different now.

2:15 A.M. //
Why am I writing this
I just feel numb.
This is begging for you
To hurt me again.

2:38 A.M. //
Jesus ******* Christ.
I hate you.
I'm glad you're gone.

3:00 A.M. //
Why did you leave?
Why did you say you'd stay?
You always leave.
This was the last time.

3:23 A.M. //
I don't remember your number.
I need someone right now.
But it feels like you died.
Are you okay?

3:24 A.M. //
It feels like you died.
But you're still here.
You still live in my head.
You're still ******* me up.

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