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Leah Hilliges May 20
The old man who
Quietly observed the 5am commuters
Demanded no reciprocation
And the few who knew him
Grew accustomed to his presence
As their wallets thickened
And their backpacks were exchanged for briefcases,

The old man who
Quietly observed the 5am commuters
Saw the few who knew him
Slowly lose their curiosity
And their youthful naivety
To the noiseless bureaucracy
That stains those jobs
That demand a 5am commute,

The old man
Quietly observed the 5am commuters
Until one day he didn’t
And the few who knew him
No longer took the 5am train
In the paper lives they’d shaped
And quickly forgot the old man,

How sad,
that none of their cases could find the space
To hold the soul of the gentleman.
faith Jun 2017
I used to have this dream
There was a huge house in the forest
It was night, but well lit
I had been ***** and then
The man who ***** me took me apart
Limb by limb and piece by piece
No blood
And packed me in a briefcase
And walked out with the briefcase
6 - 28 -17
Zainab Attari Apr 2014
Breathe here, stare there
Gorgeous people everywhere
Mind chases, heart races
Breath-taking men with briefcases

Black suits and coloured ties
Witty minds with pretty eyes
Pulled up socks, polished shoes
Ink pens, all blues          

Strong souls, real men
Captive in a cemented den
Pick one or pick seven
All good as heaven

Hard working, on time
Romantic talks with wine
One sings the other cooks
Charming words, ***** looks

Unexpected, unsure
My boss makes me lure
His Lamborghini, his yacht
Finest of the lot

His dimples, his hair
His tantrums I can bear
Surprise gifts from his side
Strong feelings, stronger vibe

Look here, look there
Gorgeous men everywhere
Single girls form a line
Take them all, boss is mine.

-Zainab Attari
Inspired by Beauty & the Briefcase (Movie)

— The End —