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  Feb 2015 Alex Sheets
When you crash into the depths of hell
It's only natural that
You scream, you cry, you hurt,
You burn.

And it's only natural
That it takes you awhile
To get used to the flames licking
Around your feet,
As you finally admit defeat.
It's only natural
That it take you a while,
To learn how to smile,
As you burn around the edges
And sometimes your very core.
It's only natural
That you cannot walk before you crawl
And that you cannot fly
Unless you risk the fall
Risk it all.

It's only natural that
As much as it scolds, eventually
You'll learn how to handle the heat
That you'll adjust and trust
Eventually you'll get used to the pain
And learn how to sustain and attain
Normality again,
As you take one step and then another
As you learn to
Place one foot in front of the other
Walking with the scars
You thought would never heal.
It's only natural, to hurt, to feel,
That's what makes us human,
What makes us real.
  Jan 2015 Alex Sheets
WendyStarry Eyes
Hide from the world
Hide from each other
So we don't spread the flu
To one another
Watch out for earthquakes
Can't hide from nature
It will catch you
Hide from the world
It will surly make you blue
I tell you to break confinements
Set yourself free
Take chances
Get your vaccines
God gave us brains
We can use them quite well
We have maintained
In predicaments of hell
Do not let your fears hold you down
Let the accomplishments of
Your life resound
Motivated by the flu going around and the earthquakes in my area. Someone told me today I should not go to the nursing  home and see  my friends because I may catch the flu again.
  Jan 2015 Alex Sheets
Lila Valentine
It's a little funny how you know how I feel
But you keep hurting me anyway
Maybe I'm just too pushy, too real
And you need me to get away.

But honestly, whenever she's with you
It always happens right in front of me
It makes me want to vanish into the floor, fall through
And get rid of this burden, and for once be free.

I know you've been friends for a while
And now this year I just suddenly appeared
But whenever you look at me I smile
Sometimes fake but mostly real, like I feared.

But once I thought that maybe you liked me
I've been this wrong before
I made the same mistake once and he
Hurt me and I would never love again, I swore.

I wouldn't make the same mistake
But I just keep doing this, I don't know why
All I do is cause myself more heartbreak
So can't you just get out of my mind's eye?

I'm just hurting myself more
But wait, you don't care
I forgot, I'm too much of a bore
I'll leave you alone, I swear.
This is about the same person who I wrote "Scarf" about.....I mean, I like him, but I don't, and it's just agh I hate emotions.
Alex Sheets Jan 2015
Lets just set this entire world on fire
And burn away all my desire
My dreams turn to smoke an hope turns into ash
I hear the buildings beginning to crash
The structures have started to fall
The shadows begin to call
The flames burn so bright
The smoke blacks out the light
But this is only the start
My heart is being torn apart
Are you truly alone
This pain will cut you down to the bone
These flames burn hot
I know this happens a lot
But this pain seems impossible to extinguish
The fire never seems to banish
The air is infected with smoke
The smell of lost hope
Ash lays all over the ground
Love is nowhere  be found
Shadows surround me now
But I cant allow
myself to break down
Now lets watch fire light up this town
So breath in the smoke
and begin to choke
You start to fear
that your end is near
But this is just the start
My heart is being torn apart
Are you truly alone
This pain will cut you down to the bone
Death is all around
I wish you could keep me safe and sound
Tears and flames
It all ended the same
I thought I could conquer the world in your arms
But instead it only caused more harm
The fire burns it away
So maybe someday ill be okay
Alex Sheets Dec 2014
Walking through the halls in my mind
Lost and almost out of time
I'm own my own
I walk these halls alone
I hear the screams echo off the walls
I hate these ******* halls
Walking through the broken glass
Made from a shattered past
Lost and on my own
I walk these halls alone
Theres writing on these walls
I can hear their calls
Words I cant comprehend
Oh why wont this end
Searching for a way to escape my cell
Why cant I leave this hell
A hundred people live in these halls
Yet im alone despite them all
There trying to take control
I wont let them steal my soul
Lost and on my own
I wander these halls alone
Bound in chain
Locked away inside my own brain
I cant save myself
But I have no one else
My blood begins to freeze
I wish someone would cure my disease
Its getting hard to talk
I'm losing my ability to walk
Lost and on my own
I wish I didn't walk these halls alone
Yeah first thing ive wrote in a while so it kinda ***** but **** it need something on here

— The End —