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I sat down
to draw
a picture
of you.

It grew
so expansive,
so beautifully,


I fell in love
all over
I saw the
of this
by chains,
falling down
their faces was
the residue of
their souls
as they
were watched
by cold eyes,
whose hearts
were so devoured
by the blizzard,
they could not
feel the flames
the light
of the
who broke
the chains,
and rose
as the
suns of
crystallaiz Jul 2016
he used to be king of a kingdom
but now he is a wreck
ocean waves will stop his strides
then break his bones;
even so he is a colossal wreck
the kind that looms in the
inky-black depths
to tear away from him
is unthinkable
(he used to be unsinkable, too)
oh my. thought ***** again. this piece is for my current-favourite character in a short story i am writing for kicks. the first line is not mine, it's a lyric from Forest by TOP. accidental references to titanic? it was never in my mind when i wrote this.
Jaime Nautte Jun 2015
I sit in a forest, with my back against a large oak,
and listen. Among rustling leaves and
whining cicadas I hear something else.
Something larger.

It's moving through the forest on jointed legs,
snapping the branches of century old trees.
An insect the size of a castle. It lets out a cry.
Sounds like a thousand year old whale's
death rattle. The cicadas stop whining and I

It's heading to the lake to breed,
or to die. Their kind begins and ends in water.
Very morbid creatures, they are.

I can feel its steps shake the earth as it comes
closer and then I see it. Ten long, jointed legs
support the bulk of the thing. It towers over me,
silver. Its shell is a knight's armour and its red
eyes are the devil's. I stand up in awe of the
colossal bug as it lumbers past me, blocking the sun
and casting me in shadow for a while.

I light a cigarette and listen to it move through the forest.
Eventually, I can't hear it anymore and the cicadas
start to whine again.
m Aug 2014
i wish i knew big, bigger words
so i can describe my colossal love,
stored for you, in my hefty heart.

— The End —